Practical tips: how to make eyebrows house

Eyebrows house became fashionable about twenty years ago.Now, however, very rarely stylists prefer to use this form because it is suitable not for everyone.Nevertheless, many girls aspire to be like Eva Longoria with her ironic raised eyebrows and the corners of the other popular actresses.Well let's look at who is fit this form.And then learn how to make eyebrows house (photo).

To fit

If you break the natural eyebrow is located in the middle, you can safely make a form of house.However, one should remember that the area can not be too much to raise in any case, otherwise you risk getting ever surprised facial expression.Form the bend eyebrow in natural places.So it will be much more beautiful.If nature has endowed you do not even hint at the edge of a small house, making them absolutely straight, it is better Do not like the shape of an artificial way.Try them just slightly rounded or form a small break so that it looks natural.

Determine whether they are suitable for you personally

If you still decide to do her eyebrows house, you better make sure beforehand that they really will look perfectly on your face.To do this, use the tips makeup artists.It is a small, but quite a common trick: Take shadows tonalnik and powder beige or white.With their help, carefully extinguished their natural eyebrows.Then, armed with the most common cosmetic eyeliner black or brown, paint the edge of this form yourself, what you like.Now step away from the mirror on a step or two and thoroughly on all sides for a look.If you do not like the result - erase them and some form Correct.Do this for as long as you will not be satisfied with their appearance.If you still want to know how to make eyebrows house, read on.If you do not have this form came - do not despair and go to a professional stylist.Perhaps he will tell you how to do eyebrows house, so that they looked perfectly on your face.So, we come with you to the technology implementation.

How to make eyebrows house

Giving a shape eyebrows, try to pull out the hairs only along the bottom edge.If you think that there is a lot of excess, then leave this to a professional.Otherwise you risk to change the expression of his face in unexpected ways.So, if you decide to make the correction of eyebrows yourself, you have the following tools:

  • disinfectant lotion, gel or cream;
  • cotton pads;
  • tweezers or special tweezers (better to choose with broad jaws);
  • mirror (do not take a magnifying effect - otherwise you can pull out too much by making his eyebrows very thin);
  • scissors;
  • eyebrow pencil - white and brown;
  • wax;
  • antiseptic.

Before the start of the correction must be thoroughly wash your face foam and a little hold it over Steam Bath - it will facilitate the process of removing the hair.Then disinfect the tweezers or pliers and eyebrow area.Emphasize dark pencil shape your future, and white - Shade unwanted hairs.Remove all unnecessary tweezers.If necessary, trim the hair is too long to shape eyebrows was more precise and accurate.Again, wash your face.Treat the area with antiseptic eyebrows and hair - waxing.In general, that's all.If you have not decided on their own to model form, and went into the cabin, and there you can do, and permanent makeup eyebrow (left).This will make your eyes look more expressive, and also help in the future to make the correction, without the help of beauticians.