Remedy underarm sweating - medication or folk?

sweating problem is familiar to every person to whom it is a little pleasure.To resolve this issue, in most cases compliance with the rules of hygiene and the use of deodorant.However, there are people who are not so lucky, they sweating is pathological.Then the traditional techniques and methods are powerless, and the best remedy for underarm sweating can choose only a qualified specialist.


Supporters of traditional medicine may well resort to a zinc ointment or paste Teymurova.Ointment can be bought at any pharmacy, it is available without a prescription, and helps in the early stages, when the problem is only beginning to manifest itself.Pasta relevant in severe cases, when sweating.You can also buy it without a prescription.

How to get rid of excessive sweating of the armpits, if traditional medicine does not help?It is best to consult your doctor, who may prescribe the procedure for iontophoresis.Ten procedures will help to forget about sweating for two months.Another fairly p

opular, but expensive way to get rid of underarm sweat - Botox injections.The process consists of introducing a special drug that blocks the normal exchange of impulses between nerve cells and sweat glands.As a result, the problem disappears in about six months.

Treatment folk remedies

Very often the methods of traditional medicine are effective and solve the problem in a rather short period of time.In choosing tools, it is important to pay attention to its composition - it must not contain ingredients that cause allergic reactions.

  • Table salt.In a glass of water to dissolve three tablespoons of salt.The resulting solution should be dipped gauze, and then attach them to the problem areas for 15 minutes.Duration of treatment - 2 weeks, compress to do twice a day.
  • Oak bark, which has many medicinal properties.It is an excellent remedy for underarm sweating.First, you must try the broth, which can be cooked Bay 5 tablespoons powdered bark in two cups of water, bringing the solution to a boil, cool and drain.Dipped in the broth gauze must be applied to the armpits and leave for 20 minutes.In addition, you can make an ointment from a tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of powdered bark and a quarter of the egg yolk.Such antiperspirant underarm should have a uniform, it should be applied 2 times a day for 10 minutes.The treatment should not continue for more than 1 week.
  • Average chamomile broth - perfect remedy for underarm sweating.
  • Lemon juice - single remedy that will prevent sweat for 2 hours.It can not be used more than twice a month.

Important hygiene

Elementary procedures are essential to maintain cleanliness and reduce sweating.It is important to regularly take a shower in the summer to do it 2 times a day.Wash should be a good moisturizing shower gel to prevent drying of the skin.In addition, we must not forget about the hair removal, since excess vegetation collects the pot and, as a consequence, there is an unpleasant smell.If you follow all the rules of hygiene and select the right treatment, you can forget about the problem of excessive sweating.