Professional hair care products

Benefits of professional hair cosmetics over conventional, mass-market cosmetics are evident:
- reduced content or complete absence of aggressive cleaning agents;
- soft washing base, predominantly on a natural basis;
- narrow focus on specific tasks;
- high content of active ingredients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements complex;
- Careful scientific development of the formula for each cosmetic product and clinical testing before the launch of the serial;

But do not forget that professional cosmetics requires a specialized approach to the choice of means for their hair.
often, relying on a promising description for beautiful and expensive bottles, we choose a tool that not only eliminates the current problem but also aggravates the situation.

To avoid fatal mistakes in the selection of professional cosmetics, especially advisable to consult with a specialist, and to clarify what type of are your hair.

specificity of professional cosmetics is produced in a variety of tools: makeup range is fo

r oily and dry hair, thin and thick, for straight and curly, for colored and Streaked, sun and to use after the pool, etc.

If not specify exactly your hair type, you can prevent a very serious mistake that your hair will never be forgiven.

- So, for example, - shares with us the hostess club shop of professional cosmetics TM Angel Professional, - the most popular mistake that customers' angel club "- a statement that" the hair is very oily, and therefore,I need a shampoo for oily hair. "

And after a while, the same client arrives with a complaint that the hair condition has not improved and has even become worse, and that "professional cosmetics - it is only deception and extortion."

All the same problem was not the inability to solve the problem of the client's makeup, but in the wrong determining their hair type.In women customers hair is not greasy, and vice versa - dry, but was prone to fat scalp, causing hair quickly faded and lost its freshness and appeal.Using a shampoo for oily hair, the client dries her hair even more from what they become brittle, they started to fall, losing volume and shine.

Therefore first rule in selecting a professional makeup not to make a mistake in determining your hair type.

second rule : do not forget that professional hair solves narrowly focused objectives: the elimination of dandruff, treatment of dry hair, neutralize oily hair or scalp, moisturizing and restoring the painted hair, giving the pomp and volume to thin hair, and so on.d.

Once the problem is resolved, the type of makeup you want to change and choose the means of taking into account the current state of the hair.For example, if the dandruff problem was solved, the use of specialized shampoo must be stopped, otherwise it will be necessary to wash the hair layer of sebum and thus dry hair, causing them to increased fragility and loss of natural shine.

Rule Three : an integrated approach to solving a particular problem: the action must be complemented by specialized shampoo conditioners, masks, serums, creams hair the same professional line.

An integrated approach will ensure the desired therapeutic effect of the hair due to the fact that the funds will complement and enhance each other's effectiveness.
So, for example, if the shampoo cleanses the hair and starts healing "work", the air conditioner that work continues and adds: shampoo opens the scales of the hair, providing cleaning, air conditioning and smooths their covers.Nourishing mask nourishes the hair necessary for their health agents and styling protect hair from the negative impact of the dryer, curling iron, sunlight, etc.

Rule Four: forget about advertising appeals to wash my hair every day!Professional hair care products are not designed for frequent use and thoughtless use can only hurt the hair.Concentration and complex chemical formula of cosmetics requires a plurality of components needed hair, and a glut of these substances can cause the opposite effect to the one that you want to get.

Rule Five : Do not buy professional cosmetics markets, stalls and dubious outlets.Buy professional hair care is necessary only in specialty stores or salons - so you insure yourself against counterfeiting and give the hair quality care, health and beauty.