What can not be pregnant, believe or not?

When a woman finds out that she was pregnant, she begins to live as if anew.From that moment on everything in life alter, simple things become complex, it is quite different view of the world and in this world.The question immediately arises - what you can not eat during pregnancy?Fortunately, there are online and do not need to study pile of books, as in the past, in search of valuable recommendations on the menu for future mothers.And there is a woman in a delicate position, you can only healthy food, and even then not all.That can not be pregnant fat and sweet in large quantities, as well as salted and smoked knows, perhaps each.But that is not advisable to eat even some fruits and vegetables, to date, not all.In particular, the dark is not recommended varieties of fruit, citrus - can cause allergies as a baby, watermelon and grapes - due to excessive liquid content to avoid dropsy.About

diet of pregnant women in general can write a whole book.The fact is that in the early months, many women are f

aced with toxemia.As a result, speech is not something that does not go on a diet, they generally may further prescribe medical nutrition - droppers.But it is necessary to pass toxicosis as future moms are beginning to catch up.They eat everything, day and night, tormenting their husbands constant whims.But one day suddenly find out that it's time to go on a diet.Then begins the struggle of reason with the stomach.

What can not be pregnant?They can not be much, but the most important thing - to do things that would benefit the non-pregnant women did not.For example, smoking and drinking alcohol, there are no measures and break the diet.And even more so, in any case can not be used narcotic and psychotropic substances, dangerous drugs, and subjected to X-ray radiation.Of course, we must also abandon the extreme not to jump with a parachute or not to engage in active sports.

But why not get a haircut during pregnancy?This is not the prohibition of medicine, it is a custom, or prejudice of the past, as some believe.But, nevertheless, many of his stick and hard not cut or dye their hair during pregnancy.And all went to the belief that cutting off her hair, she shortens the life of your unborn baby.Some would say that this is nonsense, and would probably be right.But pregnant women - a special category of people who are alien to the opinions of others, and close all sorts of superstitions.They prefer not to risk it, even knowing that it's just superstition.And who knows ?!

still believe that it is impossible for pregnant women to knit, sew, tailor.Allegedly, a child may become tangled in the umbilical cord, as if a thread that holds his mother.Indeed, children often cord entanglement.But no one has found that this is due to thread that knits mother.But both want to link in the decree anything krasivenkoe for your baby!

That can not be prepared in advance for pregnant women and dowry, and very uncomfortable.This is also a bad sign, supposedly.But if the reality is not ready to be discharged from the hospital, then it will be a lot of problems, of course, if one of the family members will not walk for days on children's stores.Dower neonatal prepared, usually not within one month.To do this, make a list of all necessary and get around a lot of children's supermarkets in search of small things.And how to imagine a statement from the hospital when the house does not even have a cot?Of course, on top of the baby can be placed even in the cart, he still has not turned over.In general, every pregnant resolves itself - to prepare her dowry or not, what prejudices neglect and what passes for the truth.In the end, it was she who was responsible for a new life, which is under his heart.