Smoking during pregnancy is dangerous for the mother and her baby

Smoking during pregnancy puts unborn baby at risk associated with potentially dangerous health problems.There are several reasons why pregnant women should not smoke.About 20 percent of pregnant women smoke.However, there is no safe level of smoking.Women are advised to give up smoking.Even a reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked per day, still exposes the baby to harmful substances.Smoking during pregnancy puts baby at risk and can be fraught with a number of health problems.There are an overwhelming number of reasons why women should stop smoking at the time when they learn they are pregnant.

high risk of miscarriage

Women abusing smoking during pregnancy have a greater risk of miscarriage than non-smokers or ex-smokers are women.Smoking can literally kill the unborn child.Yet there is a very high risk of stillbirth in women who smoke or suffer passive smoking during pregnancy.

Low birth weight

Chemicals in cigarette smoke can penetrate through the placenta into the baby's blood, c

ausing stunting, make this process difficult for the fetus.Children at birth with low weight, have health problems, because their body is weakened.

Childbirth prematurely

Smoking during pregnancy can be fraught with the birth of a premature baby.Premature birth for the dangerous life of a child.The earlier a baby is born, the less chance that it will be easy to develop well enough to give him the opportunity to breathe on their own, without help.

Influence of tobacco smoke in pregnancy

Smoking increases the heart rate, increases blood pressure and depresses the nervous system.It affects not only the child, but also causes an increase in complications for the mother.It can be disrupted blood clotting.Smoking during pregnancy gives greater chance of developing the risk of ectopic pregnancy, not carrying a pregnancy, stillbirth, problems with the placenta, vomiting, bleeding during pregnancy, tide the when too much amniotic fluid, thrush.

Problems with the placenta

also known that smoking causes problems with the placenta.Placenta previa, is a condition in which the placenta is low-lying and due to the opening of the uterus, its delamination can occur.However, it is fully or partially separated from the uterine wall.Placenta previa is a common complication that can be caused by smoking.These placental problems can lead to severe bleeding during the birth process, which may pose a threat to mother and child.And the risk of having a fetus dead increases several times due to problems with the placenta.Some studies highlight the link between smoking and SIDS, in which babies, mothers who smoked during gestation baby, are three times more likely to die from SIDS.If you are pregnant and smoke, now is the time to quit this harmful activity.The harm of smoking during pregnancy is significantly higher for the baby than the mother.Therefore, it is worth thinking about what you're willing to do for their child.There are various methods of quitting, and you need to find one that will work for you.Consult your doctor if you need more information on the different means to combat smoking are available.Smoking is dangerous.It can cause huge health problems in women, ranging from heart disease to cancer.But the most important thing is that my mother, having given birth has not already ruining the health of their unborn child.Violations can occur not only at birth but also during the development of the baby in the womb, because smoking affects the formation of its bodies.