Soft floor.

Every parent wants to be the best for your child, trying to give him a comfortable existence from birth.Particular care mom and dad are suitable for the arrangement of a child's room, because it is the place where the child waiting for the first crawl, first steps, first games, falling tears.In this room, all at the same time must be beautiful, safe and not easy to clean Marco.

Modern developers have taken into account all the wishes of parents and created a floor that meets all the requirements - soft floor.Despite his young age, he has already won the love of many adults and children.The coating soft floor is modular, that is composed of squares and the type of puzzle assembled and disassembled quickly and easily.It has many colors and blends harmoniously into any space, giving it comfort and safety.

Properties soft floor tiles

The basis of soft floor manufacturers take vinyl acetate (EVA) - a soft, flexible, lightweight polymer, rubber-like properties.The thickness of the coating to 1 cm, and

a guarantee of excellent heat and sound insulation of the room.In short, soft floor - warm floor, which can be spread not only to the child but also in the bathroom, to protect the child from painful falls and the risk of slipping.

This coating indifferent to temperature changes, UV radiation.In use, it does not bend and cracks.Soft floor is not conductive material, which significantly increases the level of comfort and security room of the precious child.Soft floor does not attract dust, in contrast to conventional carpet with pile, so it becomes an excellent floor coverings in the rooms of children with allergies.
If one of the modular tiles coating has deteriorated or dirty, then it can be easily removed and cleaned or replaced by a new one.

Basic specifications

• The coating is odorless and is environmentally safe for residential use.
• It can take any form, filling the room with different geometries thanks to its unique way of fastening and fast assembly.
• Modular children soft floor - perfect for everything playrooms in hospitals, kindergartens in the country, in the office.Yes, in principle, wherever set foot not only children but also adults.
• Reasonable price in combination with an easy to install, does not require the presence of experts, makes it the most attractive cover, among other materials.

Operation precautions

Despite its versatility, the coating has not only advantages, but also its own characteristics and weaknesses.Soft floor is not designed for active use as sports coverage, as a substitute for the mats, it is impossible for him to walk and run in the shoe.When intensive loads very quickly wear out, and if every day to expose his wet cleaning, the colors and patterns become faded.This feature sex is natural and not considered a defect.

Varieties soft tile

Do not despair, thinking that this coating can not fully protect your baby, especially from falls and injuries in the gym.

Just for similar premises, many manufacturers there is another series of soft floors, endowed with increased stiffness, they apply the paint deep penetration, and there is even a special modular tatami mats.

soft floor for children's rooms: reviews

Many people before you buy anything, ask the opinion of friends and acquaintances, as well as unknown users on the forums, which already got interested in their products.As for the soft sex, something about it in the network can find a lot, but all the information is reduced to one thing: it is very useful and necessary goods.

It can take on the nature of the sea and not be afraid that the children get dirty or sit on the cold ground.Very often children are trafficked to the country, but as a rule, in these summer houses so many dangers, such as a wooden floor.To delicate fingers caught a splinter, not an urgent need to make repairs, you just put a soft floor for the nursery.The space will be transformed instantly and will delight not only children but all family members.

indispensable thing in any economy will be soft floor for children's rooms, which reviews several times to prove it.

Additional properties

soft floors are suitable not only for creating a comfort, but also for the development and education of the child.Figures coatings may contain images of trees, fruits and animals, letters, numbers and geometric shapes.As they get older kid prints can be changed.When using floor-puzzle baby can try to collect letters, depicted on it, words and syllables, in addition, these games perfectly develop fine motor skills of children's fingers.You can take the composite mat on a picnic.It will provide a warm, dry and Neskuchne stay in nature.In addition, it is easy to wash in the case of contamination sauces, juices and other food.

modular Soft cover the child's room - it's a great solution to many problems that arise in the way of young parents.No more excessive dust, bruises, the room is warm and fun.The variety of colors will make your room design interesting and unique.Finishing can be done effortlessly fun and the whole family that will be a great pastime for children and adults.