Nail care - everything is very simple!

Ideal to the tips of nails - it is this characteristic indicates this perfect girl or woman, shows how the fair sex is well-groomed and elegant.Indeed, the woman always wants to look "one hundred percent", so try to carefully choose a stylish and beautiful clothes, delicately plucking eyebrows, of course, be regularly subjected to hair removal and other vital treatments.It's hard to even imagine how much clothing, accessories, cosmetics and perfumes is required for a modern woman feel beautiful and ready for anything.And in all this variety of great importance is given to such an important matter as nail care.

amazing how much we can talk about our own hands!Small details are left unattended, to outsiders can give to a girl lazy and elegant nails - this akkuratistka.Suffice it to pay a little attention manicure - spend a few minutes a day with a comfortable favorite nail file and scissors, or visit the beauty salon - and the result is simply stunning.

Care of hands and nails should be regular

In order to achieve the most "perfect from top to toe" appearance, it is necessary first of all to observe the rules of basic hygiene, that is to use an individual's own set of manicure tools, which after eachuse should be handled carefully disinfectants.Many experts argue that under conditions of good heredity nail care may be minimal, since the genetics warrants serious problems in this area, but lovely ladies do not agree with this statement.Careful care and few simple home remedies can work wonders - with some effort a positive result is possible even for marigold bad "by nature".

order to handle delicate feminine look perfect, you should regularly do a manicure.And manicure - this is not a standard nail filing in different directions, according to some girls.Art Manicure far more complex and important, so if you do not know how, should turn to a specialized beauty salon.In addition, regular home nail care must include the regular application of the agents, which are well absorbed in the nail plate, "feed" and strengthen its: various creams, oils and varnishes strengthening.

home care of nails

What you need to have strong nails, strong and healthy?There are some simple recipes that will help lead hands in excellent condition and restore them after the spring of beriberi.

to strengthen the "sea" bath, without which it is impossible kachestvennyyuhod nail, must be dissolved sea salt (15 g.) In warm water (350 ml), and then lower the arms to the solution, hold for 10 minutes, then wipe the skin and nailsnapkin and smahat any bold nutritious cream.

to moisturize "oil" needed to take a bath oil (70 ml) cider vinegar (60 ml), mix them and heat.The homogenous mass may be a quarter-hour to lower her fingertips, then dry with a soft cloth.

The structure of "iodine" baths, which is struggling with brittle and flaking nails, includes orange juice (100 ml) and salt (12 gr.) And iodine (3 drops).All components thoroughly mixed in a glass of water and thoroughly warmed up, and then into the hot tub, you can give up.After 5 minutes, nail care can be completed lubrication nutritious fat cream.