Beautiful nails regardless of length!

No woman can remain indifferent to how vygyadyat her nails.The fair sex may be many things in the world to treat and even indifferent - but if there will be such a terrible disaster and broken just one nail ....You can not imagine what will happen in this case.

thing is that elegant manicured pens are the hallmark of this woman, her source of pride and confidence.Residents of European cities with pleasure spend huge sums of money on something to tidy nails, manicures, in general, give your hands the image of perfection and an amazing personality.No wonder they say that on our hands can tell virtually all of our character, and the most "speaking" hand required to wear beautiful nails.

Beauty ladies' claws ยป

attractiveness elegant female fingers have to emphasize manicured and healthy nails.It does not matter whether they are short or long - there is nothing more beautiful than natural, which will help support a couple of useful tips.

first point: as many vitamins and other nutrients.Beautiful nail

s in any case should not flake or break, so their support is vital vitamins A and B, iodine, silicon and calcium.Moreover, it is not necessary to take any pills - these nutrients are contained in full in the most delicious food: carrots, greens, tomatoes, fruit, vegetables, eggs and dairy products.If all of the above have in your diet - beautiful nails are guaranteed.

second point: the individual, residing at hand manicure set.One only of the ideal type of scissors is not achieved.In the arsenal of every beauty have to be a lot of special tools that will help make your nails incredibly elegant.Thus, in the set must be present: nail clippers, nail file standard, varnish, foundation and nail polish remover (preferably - without acetone), as well as tweezers, cuticle remover and orange stick.

nails long, short, accrued

If the lovely lady constantly caring for their hands, the beautiful nails can be any length.Of course, many believe that in the short nails can not be made bright manicure, perform image-style nail art, in general, decorate them did not succeed.In fact, many experts are ready to refute this point of view, if only because that short and slim fingernails are extremely popular this season and you can experiment with them as effectively as long.Moreover, a beautiful manicure on short nails look extremely feminine and sophisticated.Best of all would look funny point or futuristic spiral, little stars and bold stripes, as well as all that will prompt fantasy.

With regard to capacity, the possessor of the wealth in the pursuit of beauty will have to work hard.Such decoration requires constant care and support, adjusting the slightest problem.Of course, it's hard to argue with the fact that beautiful Naroscheny nails are better suited for different types of manicure and nail art.If the fair sex are not sorry enough substantial funds that will have to pay for quality increase and subsequent maintenance "claws", it can be fully expressed, thus not only the exclusivity of its appearance, but also the original perception of the world.

Finally I would like to say that sometimes even the most perfect and beautiful nails can be spoiled by tasteless or vulgar manicure painting, while the usual carefully podpilennye and natural nails will attract to the hands of its owner a lot of attention.