Figures on nails and just -Beautiful

Sleek handle, beautiful, well-groomed, with a healthy skin and neat nails - the dream of every girl.Hands often give our age, so you need to take care of them constantly, daily moisturizing it, feeding, maintaining health and a beautiful view.But the beauty of the ladies handles plays an important role not only to the skin surface, but also the perfect nails, perfect shape and, possibly, even with the original pattern.

In recent years, modern girls are increasingly attracted to the art called nail art - drawing on the nail plate of various images or symbols.It's amazing how simple drawings on the nails can make and decorate your hands.This is not just an excellent manicure and a real highlight, expressing the originality and individuality of its owner.

nail art painting

Figures on nails look beautiful only when applied to a full manicure.Ladies marigolds are not only necessary to give a neat shape, but also to cover them with lacquer shade which blends in well with the selected application for th

e desired character or image.The painting can be made in accordance with an evening dress, and can vary the way of everyday life, to express the character of the owner and serve as a model for the exhibition.The main thing that the drawings on the nails along and in full compliance with the environment in which is going to receive their mistress.

Work for this wizard or nail art at home

only professional wizard can create complicated drawings or any composition to the nail plate.However, there are certain techniques that will allow the girls to experiment with plenty of nail-art, self-transforming work in their own hands nail art.Of course, before beginners masters start to get something good, it takes a lot of time and effort, so the ladies have serious patience.

Perform drawings on the nails only after preparation.Plate should be given a flat shape, which is suitable to the planned painting, then it comes time to select the necessary resources that will be needed during its execution.You will need to take care of the coloring compositions intended for the art of nail design, a special varnishes and paint.The choice of colors for painting is extremely rich, but experts advise first of all pay attention to the acrylic compositions, great-looking on nails and is small in value.As for paints, it is best to use a professional set, which includes several brushes of different thicknesses, each designed for different types of lines.Be sure to take care of the means of nail polish remover, as the early stages of beginner master nail art can make certain mistakes.

addition to all of the above, in order to fulfill the beautiful drawings on the nails need additional tools, such as varying the thickness of the needle or pin, ball pen, stickers with colorful applications, as well as all sorts of glamorous stuff - beads, sequins, rhinestones and sequins.Some types of painting applied with diluted drops of nail forming characters or images on the surface of the plate under the action of a needle.This tool is very beautiful thin spreads in different directions varnish, forming unusually bizarre and original compositions.To supplement these patterns on the nails may be stuck on the edge beads or shiny beads, which will complete the perfect nail art and express their independence and sense of style of its owner.