Strengthen nails - a pledge of their Health

on thin nails and painful it is impossible to make a beautiful manicure, it is difficult to reproduce the pattern of nail art, and indeed - their appearance does not cause liking.But the well-groomed female handles suffer greatly if the nails are not listed in order, as this detail spoils the whole of their appearance.It is for these reasons before starting "direct beauty", perform this task as treatment and strengthen nails.

Marigold require protection

What most of our nails?First of all, the achievements of our time - washing powders, dishwashing and cleaning.In addition, the role played by vitamin deficiencies and the unfavorable environment, that is, constant companions of urban residents of "stone" of the jungle.For these reasons, ladies 'claws' suffering, often break down and exfoliate lose their natural color and shape become brittle.For the full treatment necessary to relieve the handle from contact with household cleaning products, using work gloves, and lubricating the skin fat cream after


Modern cosmetics allow to apply such an original way to strengthening nail gel, becoming at the female more and more popularity.And no wonder - cured so "claws" outward appearance is not changed, only become stronger and stronger, not flaking or breaking.With gel nail plate can even be lengthened if the modern fashionista will want to.

tasty and useful treatment

As for the natural treatment and strengthening of nails, it is impossible without a proper diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals.The dietary calcium must be present, preferably in combination with vitamins D, which may be provided with dairy products, dates and figs, almonds and vegetables.Nails require large amounts of iodine, which is rich in spinach, vitamin A and iron, vegetable juices in the meat products and fish.

But apart from the internal treatment requires even outside.To do this, marigolds must constantly "fed" special oil and medicated creams.These substances should rub the nail plate, paying attention not only the contour but also cuticles that after softening orange stick can be gently pushed by providing the ability to fully marigolds "breathing".The nutrient composition of cosmetic products should contain substances such as liposomes, keratin, vitamin C and proteins vital to strengthen the plate and its successful opposition to the harmful effects of the environment.

Home Care

very effective can be firming at home - this helps many means, such as glycerol compress, which includes a solution of water (75 ml.), Alum (3 oz.) And glycerol (25c.).This compress nourishes the nail plate, stimulates internal protection from breakage and gives a natural healthy color.Also effectively strengthen the nails with a compress of olive oil (2-3 drops), diluted with lemon juice (5 drops), able to strengthen and improve the nails.But the most effective ways of hand care homes are a regular massage, marigolds and giving hand skin elasticity, and so-called paraffin that can improve blood flow to the fingers accelerate the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the very tip of the nail.

Once the nails are put in order, you can do and decoration - manicure or nail art, but do not think that a one-time action treatment was enough.Treat these whimsical part of the human body must be regularly, but with much less difficulty.