Correct Correction of nails, graft by different techniques

graft nails - it is very nice and neat, thanks to their women's hands look particularly attractive.But over time, have to spend their correction - is much more complex compared to the build-up process.When should I begin the correction and that this would require?


Most often the natural nail begins to grow in about 10-14 days after treatment and capacity.During this time, the nail plate is increased by 1-2 mm - this fact is very important to consider because the correction of extension nail untimely able to apply some nail damage, resulting in nails lose their strength, will begin to break down and crumble.

However, not only a violation of the terms of correction can lead to problems with nail polish.Women are able to damage the nails by many factors, among them the poor quality wizard and idiosyncrasy nail structure of some materials to build.

Some simple rules

Correction of nails should be carried out in strict accordance with certain rules.First, before the procedure, wash hands and di

sinfect both them and the surface of the nail plate.After that, the cuticle can be applied special exfoliant, and when soften - to push it aside and get rid of the remnants of funds.

Next, remove the nails with a natural shine, nail file carefully trim those areas where there was peeling and remove the cover where it is destroyed.Then you have to wash your hands, apply a little oil on the nails and dry them.This - the most simple processing, after which the adjustment can already begin nails of different materials.

Correct acrylic

When natural nails grow, it becomes very noticeable boundary between them or deposited material, as well as increasing the risk of damage at this point, the bundle or even fracture.To avoid this, and it is necessary to carry out the correction, restoring the integrity of the acrylic layer.

There are some materials that can be useful for this.Primarily, this is actually acrylic, the solvent is called "Liquid" means that improves the coupling of artificial and natural nail, the so-called "primer".Self-correction require more polish and degreaser, removing the natural nail plate with a fat layer, brushes and special acrylic nail files.Having on hand all these materials, you can start the process itself.

should be thoroughly washed hands and be disinfected.The surface of the nail plate should be cleaned thoroughly to process, focusing on the portion between the grown natural and disturbed acrylic layer.You can then in turn be applied to the plate degreaser and primer, and then - acrylic, with caution, that the material is completely repeated the shape of the nail.When the material hardens - finished surface can be polished to level it and add shine - correction acrylic nails done.

Correct gel

This correction is made even easier than acrylic.Nails Naroscheny gel, in the case of natural regrowth of the plate should be thoroughly degreased, cleaned, remove the natural shine and completely level the land, which has become a visible border.Next on the nail surface is applied a special form and a special gel is applied.

In general, I must say that the first time a correction nails should be conducted in a professional salon.If you can - you can watch the manipulation experts subsequently to repeat the procedure at home.Correction should begin with a fingernail - if everything works out, then we can deal with, and all the rest.