Chinese painting nails - Make your nails Fashionable

Currently, any modern woman is looking for new ways to beauty.An important role in the appearance of the ladies takes hairstyle, makeup, clothes, but most importantly, what to pay attention to many men, it's nails.They should be well-groomed and only produce a good impression.Not so long ago it came into fashion long artificial nails.Women are willing to endure the inconvenience, if only to look irresistible.For many years, ladies decorate nails using nail polish.It's a great way to keep your hands in the manner and to attract attention.There was a fashionable trend - painting nails.No one could think that their surface can replace the canvas for artists.Already, many of the fair sex is a fan of Chinese painting nails.This kind of unique art, which conquered the whole world.This painting nails may be necessary to add flavor to your image.

Chinese painting nails - it is not just the use of different colors of lacquer.It is a bizarre approach to decorating female hands and is a complex work of masters.C

hinese painting nails became a kind of storm in the fashion world.This painting, which will decorate you and will make sure that all eyes will be glued to your hands.

This kind of art comes from ancient times.Three thousand years have passed since he came to China.Few people know that it is the people of this country the very first in the world have begun to use familiar nail polish.Subsequently, these resourceful people have created a huge amount of nail designs and colors of nail polish.

Chinese painting on the nails look amazing, it is fascinating and makes an infinitely admire.Women all over the world happy applied these colorful patterns on your nails.Historically, the Chinese painting is always gravitated to the images of birds and flowers.They were the main motives in the modern nail-art.

color varnish in this case does not matter.Most importantly, these drawings on the nails airy, three-dimensional and alive, and this effect is achieved only by the skill of an expert who is engaged in a manicure.All he uses - a flat nails and acrylics.

So what is the process of drawing in the style of Chinese painting?Work produced flat brush that paints with two shades.This master lowers her tips in different jars of paint.Then it all depends on the abilities and skills of the person to whom you applied.Usually it causes the nail two similar shades, especially if painting flower.For example, a very good look white, pink or red, soft blue with a piercing blue, yellow and brown.Blossoming flowers will be more voluminous, if carried out with the pressure line, and the need to draw the petals in several layers.In Chinese painting, the technique of the color transition.Master a few exact strokes creates a so-called thumbnail picture, then simply mix the paint.Professionals refer to this influx.Beginners can practice first on paper.For example, to draw a rose bud need to squeeze two colors on a palette, let it be red and pink, and carefully shade them, to obtain an intermediate tone.After this brush is applied to the paper, and one stroke is arched, and the second - the same, only in another direction.Stem and other green elements are applied below the bud edge of your flat brush.

Most importantly, the master is called, it was given the brush.Properly applied Chinese painting can only be learned in special courses.In principle, they can visit anyone.But before you decide to undergo training, think about whether you have artistic taste, imagination and such a quality as the perseverance.After all, in order to create unique patterns on nails certainly need to be a talented person.And then on the smooth surface of the nail slide complex patterns - gladioli, poppies, roses, peonies, daisies and other beautiful flowers.

Chinese painting on the nails can make a festive touch to every woman's life and make it more attractive and exciting.