Tip: What to Do Nails Sloyatsya

In everyday life, almost everyone, whether male or female, are faced with the problems of the layer of nails.First of all, we must remember that this phenomenon may be seasonal, such as in the winter and spring of the year, as the human body needs vitamins and accordingly the natural food.Many people ask, "exfoliate nails and what can we do?".Before you begin to address this issue should be paid attention to, "exfoliate nails cause" ?, as delamination of nails different factors that influence, even poor digestion.When exfoliate nails, it could be slowed nail growth.The second reason is strongly layer of nails may be diet and poor nutrition as essential vitamins do not get into the human body with bad food.When a woman adheres to a diet, she refuses such products, which are necessary for the health of the human body, it is for example sour cream, milk, cheese, eggs, meat and others.Stratification and the fragility of the nail indicates the shortage of vitamin C, E and A, as well as trace elements such a

s selenium, iron, calcium and zinc.When the Postal problem nails exfoliate and what you need to do, first of all, to make proofs in their daily diets.Every day, the menu should include dairy and bean products, figs, almonds, whole wheat bread, cabbage and dates, as well as foods that contain beta-carotene and vitamin A - eggs, liver, carrots, oil, sea buckthorn, egg yolk, pumpkin,bitter and sweet pepper.Such as calcium ingredient can be used in tablets, wherein the combining vitamin A oil as pure calcium absorbed worse.

people who often say that exfoliate nails and what to do, tried many methods to combat this problem, since it is not only a manifestation of the body itself, but also unsightly side.Following spellings of popular recipes, recommend taking gelatin times a day for a month.The method of preparation consists in that 1 teaspoon diluted with warm water and insist 10-15 minutes, after which the drink.

outer reinforcing compounds that are beneficial and help when you exfoliate your nails what you do not know are the salt, olive oil, iodine and others.

Olive oil is one of the most popular funds, which contain all the essential micronutrients and vitamins.Before you apply it on the nail, clean your hands with soap and clean the surface of the nail varnish.Then smooth, massage movements need to rub olive oil to the base of the nail.When strongly exfoliate nails that do well during these "masks" on nails, favorably influence the bath with the addition of lemon juice.

when strong nails exfoliate what to do to effectively help warm baths, which include salt.It should be dissolved per liter of water 2 tablespoons of salt and hold hands there for 20-30 minutes.This procedure should be carried out every day for two weeks, until the result you see yourself, and for the prevention of times a week is enough.The result was the best, you can add 10-15 drops of iodine, as it strengthens nails, giving them a natural look.

Also do not forget about the tools that remove nail polish and polish themselves.It should be as little as possible to use them as they adversely affect the texture of the nail.It is best to use liquid washout varnish without acetone.

When exfoliate nails that you do not know, you should just read this article that will help you deal with the problems of your nails and in the future will help you to be the owner or the owner of the natural and healthy nails.You will be able to forget about the problem, called "strongly exfoliate nails."