Design nails at home: Ingredients for success - Fantasy and Patience

In beauty of nails, you can draw some conclusions about their possessor: her attention, the ability to be careful not to neglect the little things that are so valuable in the overall female form.

Manicure makes hands manicured and beautiful.Modern nail art makes a girl colorful, unusual and stands out from the others.Art painting pictures on nails and create original designs on the surface today, without exaggeration, is striking originality and extravagance astonished spectators every day more and more.

Nail Design at home

Usually, nail design is performed in salons and hairdressing masters.But do not think that such a procedure is absolutely impossible to carry out at home.Here the main thing - the desire, patience and, of course, exercise.

Nail Design at home

requires the acquisition of such tools :

  • Nail clippers, nail clippers, manicure nail file;
  • set of brushes for painting with lacquer;
  • Stencils;
  • brush with a foam tip for applying the stencil images;
  • Rhinestones, stucco, st
    one, colored ribbons, lace, feathers, pictures, self-adhesive, glitter, foil, etc .;
  • Tweezers;
  • sharp sticks or toothpicks;
  • gel pen with a metallic sheen;
  • Varnishes, bases, fixers.

Nail Design House: procedure

Nail Design at home on the stringency is not inferior to the salon nail-art.Therefore it is important to fulfill the requirements for each stage of its implementation.

To begin the design of nails needed in the event that they already have a manicure: nails should be prepared.

preferred to draw on long nails.In addition, the length of the nails gives an additional effect.No matter how beautiful or was drawing, the winning will always look long nails.If at this moment you do not have long fingernails, growing nails in the salon with acrylic or gel.It is best to use a bio-gel, as it does not damage the nails.

on polished nails first applied basis - the so-called background for the picture.

Figures on nails can be painted, designed for application of a liquid or a dry basis.Apply paint brushes, usually as thin.Some people prefer to lynx tips needle or toothpick, which is also convenient to distribute the paint on the surface of the nail.Needles are used to create the most subtle and intricate patterns.

not be used for fast drying nail design.

Stencils nail art you can create with their hands from a simple clerical tape.He adhered to the glass and gently with a stationery knife cut pattern.Apply the stencil on the basis only after it is completely dry.Over stencil nail covered with a layer of varnish other colors, then the stencil is removed.

can draw on nails and gel pen .It is best suited for this purpose handles brilliantly: this gel is thicker and better lies.

There are additional tweaks that allow you to create beautiful nails at home: it is applying to the pattern on sequins, rhinestones, colored sand, ribbons, stones and other accessories. Typically, they are transferred to the location just wet the tip of a toothpick because your fingers just can not do this because of the miniature props.

final stage - consolidation pattern or fixing coats of lacquer application , which should be at least two, and preferably even three.Now you can be sure that the pattern is not erased and not deteriorate.

French nail design at home

This simple technique is quite capable even for beginners.This will require two lacquer, usually white, pale pink or beige.

classic French manicure is done by applying white nail polish on the tips that are separated from the fingertips.Then, the entire nail is covered with pink, beige or transparent varnish.

You can assume that nail design at home you have learned, well, at least its basics.The rest is in your hands.Be of good cheer!