Nail at home: how easy is it to do

How do you want to have beautiful and healthy nails.Do not all women nature has given such an opportunity, and while some admiration admire his strong nails, others now and then think about how to grow them.As a rule, the next attempt again fails: a broken nail, need to cut all the others.Another issue on which it is impossible to grow the nails, it is their over-lamination.It seems, and attempts are being made to eliminate this defect, but nothing helps.Well, do not worry: now anyone can build his nails.A similar procedure has already been firmly established in many beauty salons and hundreds of women have time to try it, and probably will not regret it.

If you for some reason did not get to visit the salon, you can easily make a nail at home.Only at first glance it may seem that everything is difficult.In fact, finding a little bit of patience and perseverance, you can easily learn all over.Let me draw your attention to the fact that the nail can be done at home using a gel or acrylic, but with the

first work much easier.Acrylic complicated by the fact that very quickly freezes, requiring immediate implementation of all actions.

The following discussion focuses on how to hold a nail at home with the help of gel.This material is easily self-leveling, so it is easy to work with.So, what do we need?First and foremost, without which it quite simply can not do this for a special set of nails at home.It will have to buy.Add to this your desire to have beautiful nails and a good mood.

Nail at home is often overshadowed by some problems.Please note the following:

• In order to prevent peeling gel nails properly prepare.For example, when an invalid nail enhancements is the use of the cream.So if before smearing hands nourishing cream, it should always be cleaned off.The same goes for any other substances that previously could be applied to the hands and nails.

• Incorrect preparation of the nail plate can ruin all the work.That is why each nail should be sawed, but not in a circular motion.After filing be sure to remove all the dust a special brush.

In order to increase the nails at home, use either the form or tips.

If you decide to use the form, you will not hurt to know that working with them a little more complicated than with tips, but they can be used repeatedly.To use the form, your nails should have a free edge of at least 1-2 mm.This free edge, just below it, is superimposed form, and then on top of it overlaps the first layer of gel.Gel for 1-2 minutes should be dry under a special UV lamp (it is, incidentally, also have to buy).Then a second layer of gel is applied and dried in the same manner.When drying is complete, the form must be carefully removed and to file the nails and give them the outline you want.Again, the finished dried nail under the lamp, but only now 3-5 minutes.

Nail at home using TIPS takes you less time.The free edge of the nail trimming a need, then lay on top of him Tips and glued with special glue and give form.Incidentally, the quality of the adhesive will depend on the strength of subsequently overgrown nails.Thereafter TIPS covered with a gel layer, and also dried under a UV lamp.About an hour after all the work you are able to make a beautiful manicure.

would be better if the job will show you a person who is well versed in it.At least, you will see firsthand how and what to do.