If exfoliate nails what to do?

Unfortunately, nature rewarded all beautiful and healthy nails.The main problem that people are trying to cope - a fragile layer of nails.If the majority of men this problem does not matter, for many women it is a cause for panic.

Why exfoliate nails

if exfoliate nails what to do?First we need to understand the reason why there is separation.Among the main reasons are the following:

1) Lack calcium in the body.To solve this problem, you must start taking calcium along with vitamin D. taking the last needed for better absorption as a pure calcium absorbed by the body weak.If you really exfoliate nails are also recommended to use calcium-containing foods such as cheese, nuts and fish.They are part of the vital amino acids that are required by the body for "construction work".

2) micronutrient deficiencies silicon , it may also be the reason why some people appear fragile layer of nails.Compensate, silicon can also use the food, the most rich in this element:
- salad,
- bananas,
- parsley,
- currants,
- beans.

3) Lack of iron - another reason for which may appear panicky "Sloyatsya nails what to do."Usually the lack of this trace element is determined by the physician after evaluation of the level of hemoglobin.When iron deficiency anemia (lack of iron), the doctor prescribes the appropriate drugs, in addition, you will recommend to eat foods rich in iron:
- legumes,
- greens,
- liver,
- veal,
- buckwheat and others.
also very usefuldrink an infusion of sorrel, burdock and dandelion.

4) In addition to the above-mentioned lack of trace elements, very exfoliate nails with a deficiency of certain vitamins , frequently working with detergents and finding hands in wet environments .Therefore, if you want to keep your nails healthy and whole, use rubber gloves, consult your doctor about what you need vitamin complexes periodically guzzle and use restorative oils, baths and special nail polish.

How to deal with the problem of separation of nails

In the case where the answer to the question "Sloyatsya nails what to do?" - Dry nails, you need to do moisturizing and nourishing cuticles.To do this, use special oils and creams that are applied to and rubbed into the surface massage.Thus you will not only enrich the growth zone of necessary nutrients, but also, thanks to massage, initiate an additional blood flow, which contributes to the growth of the nail.But no treatment will help, if you do not correct the habit of working with water and detergent without rubber gloves.Do not ask her friends: "Sloyatsya nails what to do?" - If the same does not care about their hands.

Many experts recommend to strengthen nails olive oil containing the necessary weight of the nail substance mixed with lemon juice.The mixture is applied to the nails in his hands wear gloves x / b mother and left overnight.The procedure should be carried out several times a week (1-2).

Strengthening the layer of nails require special preparation baths.For the preparation of the simplest and most effective trays need only a glass of warm water, a teaspoon of sea salt and a few drops of iodine.To the resulting solution were immersed fingers 10-15 minutes.If you really exfoliate nails, treatment lasts 10 days, after which it is sufficient to repeat the procedure a couple of times a week.A more acceptable alternating different types of baths.

manicure to prevent stratification of nails

There are many recommendations for manicure, but the most important thing:
- do manicure at least once every two weeks,
- Do not use nail polish remover containing acetone,
- let your nails a chance to restwithout varnish,
- gently use a metal nail file, but rather replace it with a nail file with a special coating,
- not to file the nail on the sides to prevent the occurrence of cracks and bruises.