Calico wedding

The family chronicle of a young family entered the first year.He was so bright and cheerful, like cotton - unpretentious, practical and inexpensive cloth.But the danger of losing those still fragile, ties that once linked together two loving hearts.During the first year of the joint was lapping characters and habits, tastes and preferences were studied.This year has been a year for connecting hearts tests feelings and the year of formation of both spouses.But as joy and warmth of the soul of the guests who came to the first wedding anniversary from thinking that the family was held that, despite all the difficulties and complexities of living together, the young people are happy together.

time immemorial on Russian soil this holiday - calico wedding - was celebrated in families.I observed this practice now.Couple give each other calico kerchiefs decorated with embroidery and commemorative inscriptions on which to tie knots, while speaking words of the oath, in which the words of fidelity compared with

the tightly tied knots.These calico kerchiefs removed to a secret place and kept throughout the family life to the point where one of the spouses did not leave this world.Only then the oath is considered to be terminated.Properly conducted folk ritual of tying knots in calico kerchiefs guarantee a happy and long life together.

The calico wedding day in-law gave her daughter the main ceremonial gift - a cotton dress, symbolizing the wish easy and simple family life.The very young wife were preparing for a celebration.Himself sewing calico dress, and her husband - a shirt or pants of the same material and prepared for the festive table cloth with embroidery.On the day of the wedding anniversary of the young I had to wear my cotton dress without removing regardless, come visit or not.

Today at this solemn day, opened the first bottle of champagne, which is stored in the young from the date of the wedding.The second bottle is opened, when there is the first-born in the family.

Calico wedding - gifts to this celebration preparing special, symbolic.It could not be expensive things: gold, crystal, furniture, tableware, etc.After the couple had lived together for only one year, their relationship is not considered strong enough and complicated.Therefore, on this wedding anniversary we gave all sorts of products from a chintz how to make your own hands, and acquired.Gifts for the cotton wedding certainly were bright to the life of the young was intense and bright.

What is presented on a cotton wedding today?It can be calico sets Kitchen: pot holders, gloves, towels, aprons, napkins, tablecloths, curtains, etc. cheerfulIt is possible to present a gift to young, marking his first family holiday, bed linen printed cotton or other material, such as calico, which is very similar in texture to the calico.It can be humorous gifts: for example, male calico boxers.If the family has a baby or just expected his appearance, it can give calico diapers, undershirts, caps and so on. Needlewoman can on a cotton wedding make aroma pads calico for fragrant herbs, summer clothes or items, decorative accessories for the interior in the stylepatchwork with scraps of calico and more.The main thing is that gifts bring joy to the young, to be useful and original.

Calico wedding - a happy family holiday.On this day you can hold various games, sweepstakes, contests.Family life at the newlyweds at the beginning, and of what will be laid their traditions and customs arise, such is the whole life of a young family.Calico wedding - first family holiday, to be followed by other weddings, the names of which materials are more robust and sturdy.And God forbid young to their family chronicles appeared page, where will be inscribed diamond anniversary of their life together.