Cast iron wedding

A year ago, a young couple celebrated wooden anniversary of the wedding - and this is the first "metal" anniversary.Every year, moving away further green wedding (the wedding day), the relationship of the spouses become stronger, and this is reflected in the names of wedding dates: calico, paper, leather, linen, wood.All older the family, appears more common memories, customs and family traditions.A young couple is now connects more.Usually this anniversary in the family already has a child, and, quite possibly, not one.Cast iron wedding - this is the date that should unite husband and wife, to help them believe that everything in life can be overcome, to be together with each other.It was at this period - 6-7 years after the wedding - you have a crisis of family relations.Those who stand and step over the mark of six or seven years old, have a chance to live up to the more expensive "metal" anniversaries: tin, steel, silver, gold and others.

Six years together: the foundation of the family founded,

it remains only to strengthen it withYes every year to protect against any adversity.Cast iron wedding: kind and strong metal - iron, but still fragile, rough, and ugly-looking, black.He fuse and therefore can take any form.So the shape of the future of family relationships depends on the couple: whether there will be cracks in the "iron" or he "remelting" in a stronger metal.The main thing prisushivatsya to each other, to give, to care for a partner - and then "cast" will eventually become more durable and lighter.To live with his partner in life to the next, "metal" wedding date, you should not forget the simple truth: Happiness family consists of everyday detail, of sacrifice and kindness, patience and forgiveness.

Cast iron wedding - not a reason to collect a large and noisy group.Typically, they invite parents, witnesses, relatives and good friends.Family and friends can prepare comic competition program, to test the spouses to check their knowledge of the habits and characteristics of the spouse.Congratulations to the cast iron can be put into the wedding verse, songs or chastushka form.

This wedding wife to polish the whole cast-iron dishes to shine.The cuisine is different.But it is desirable that they (or some of them) have been prepared on the cast iron cookware (pans, baking dishes, etc.).

From the name of the wedding date - iron wedding - it is clear that you can give to the wedding on this day a young family.A made to present things made of cast iron.This may be a practical kitchen utensils are always needed in the sector (pans, pots, utyatnitsu etc.).A good gift would be and small household appliances for the kitchen (processor, aerogrill, blender, steamer, microwave, toaster, etc.) A pleasant surprise for the young will be fashionable wrought iron furniture (chairs, tables, etc.), the original interior decoration(candlesticks, wrought-iron animal figurines, photo frames, lamps, small sculptures and sculptural groups, vases, boxes, wall lamps, stand for umbrellas and so on.).If a young family over the years acquired its own cottage, or dacha, an original gift for them it would be grate made of cast iron and the same set of fireplace (shovel, rake, shiptsy).

family stability, evenness relations, care and love, responsibility for yourself and your loved one for the child (ren) and the family hearth - all this connects spouses, marking the date with a beautiful wedding day.Cast iron wedding - is an occasion to remember once again the brightest, happiest moments of family life, look at your loved one with new eyes and realize that you care about it, with all its sweet and not very habits, with their quirks and moods.Cast iron wedding - it is an opportunity to renew a little extinct romantic connection, once unifying the two loving people.