Winter Wedding: helpful tips

Preparing the wedding - an exciting process.Very often worry about this girl.After all, marriage for many - a childhood dream, the goal of all life, success rate and so on.And on the horizon there is finally a decent man who thus reciprocates, every woman is ready, do not hesitate to accept the marriage proposal.

wedding can take place at any time of the year.And, no doubt, in the summer, spring and autumn loaded registry offices work more than in the winter.After all, not every couple who decided to unite their hearts in marriage, will celebrate this important day in the street snow, frost or, even worse, just cold and slush.Winter wedding requires a more responsible approach to its organization.It will be necessary to consider more nuanced, to provide the mass of detail.

first question that interested the future newlyweds, it's - what to wear to a wedding in the winter?Groom, unique, faster to cope with finding an answer to it.It can without hesitation to put on a festive suit any thing out of

his wardrobe: coats, coats and even a jacket.But the bride is necessary to solve the problem of finding a suitable coat.After all, ordinary sheepskin coat, even very beautiful, can spoil all the impression which should produce a wedding dress.Anyway, to insulate the bride need not only outerwear.It is necessary to take care in advance to buy a warm white pantyhose, winter boots should be.Light shoes with thin soles that stubborn bride wears a celebration, a holiday trip can turn into hard labor and a photo session.But to celebrate in a cafe stock is changing his shoes so as not to spend the entire evening in the fur-lined boots.Winter wedding requires warm gloves.After all, if you choose a model of satin, the hands will freeze even more than expected.

winter wedding when young so wish, should not take place without the city walks, visits to attractions.You just need to take care of a mulled wine or hot tea in thermoses.Of course, these beverages will increasingly demand the bride and groom as well as guests usually prefer to bask liquor, despite the fact that assurances of the doctors - it is absolutely inefficient.If you have to winter wedding, the day of celebration, you can drink in the morning for the prevention of any Helps to overcome.

fans of extreme sports who decide to sign during the cold season, often wondering where photographed a wedding in the winter.After all, no celebration is complete, usually without the presence of the photographer and videographer.If you're lucky, the wedding pictures on the background of snow-covered streets, trees, houses are just fantastic.But it also happens that winter forgets his duties, in the street-zero temperature, damp and cold.Do not despair, a professional photographer, probably, will find a lot of options for a beautiful photo.Shooting is best done in the morning, because in the winter it gets dark early.

Winter wedding has a lot of indisputable advantages.You do not have any problems with the possibility of submission of the application to the registrar, in a room will not be stuffy in the summer.If on the streets will be snow, your solemn day become simply magical.In addition, the wedding salons usually comes a new range is in winter.

Many skeptics assert about the disadvantages that a winter wedding.Like, in a bouquet of flowers wither in the cold, fruit and vegetables are delicious, the trees are bare, the street can be a wild cold, and the survey does not normally spend - freezing limbs and nose turns red.But all this is nothing more than excuses.After all, if two people love and cherish each other, then at least a hurricane - they all will be uneasy.