How to ask a girl out on a date and how to behave?

Many young people think about how to ask a girl out on a date.It's over, it's about those few stiff and shy, somewhere insecure.Because the guy who knows his worth and confidence in their abilities, it will not survive.He just invited her.

Another issue: where to ask a girl out on a date?A lot of places where you can be alone, both in normal circumstances and in a romantic and even intimate.So before you decide how to invite the beautiful girl on a date, you need to think about how well you know and what you know about her interests.

If a woman, for example, classmate or colleague, you first need to choose something standard, something that will appeal to many: a movie, a concert (not a rock band), a walk through the park and then going to the restaurant.Well, if you feel that she is not quite normal, you need to come up with something original.

How to ask a girl out on a date?Just approach her or during a call to say that you would be very happy to spend time with her over a cup of coffee in to

p kafeyne, or cat show.And you can say that you have two tickets for the performance "Comedy Club", and you would be schastilvy invite her back.It is quite possible that the girl refuses, but not because you're not nice to her, but just do not seem chtoy available or waiting your offer.But you will be able to notice some confusion, the joy that can not be hidden.Just invite her later.

way to much, actually.And it's not as scary as it seems at first glance.You can also find out in advance what she likes, what she is interested and then we reflect on how to invite the girl for a date.

It would be nice to go to her with a bouquet, or even a nice little flower and tell about their intentions.

I would like to focus on how to behave on a first date and talk about.First, no matter where you are, and how well did not know, do not build from a macho talk about how much you had girls like you drank seven bottles of beer, and you had fun as otshili uncle, a policeman,and other details of your life that you can not decorate, and in the eyes of the girl you will look ridiculous.Also, do not talk about themselves, their achievements, how yesterday you saved a kitten from a tree, in today - the girl from bullies.She herself noticed with time, which you are the hero.

Refrain from familiarity and phrases like, "Damn, how cool you are. I told the lads that you hook up in anyone."This phrase will be the last in your communication with her.Behave with dignity, talking to the interests of both, and not only you theme.It is not necessary to be scattered in the banal compliments and pour sweet words.Be yourself!Courageous, intelligent, resolute man.

you already know how to ask a girl out on a date?Well, then you know, and talk about.You can ask for a Woman that she likes to strive for, she does not like in men, and so on.Ask about her hobbies, childhood - a lot can be learned about a person such obrazom.Pointeresuytes what she likes in a guy, what qualities appreciates that it irritates.When she answers, do not immediately try to regroup under its ideal, because love us for what we are by nature.And if she always wanted her husband was a doctor, and you're afraid of them, then there is nothing you can do.You should not touch the threads of parents, politics, religion, and other personal disputes.So far to the scandal.Avoid slang and obscene phrases, it is unlikely they will appreciate a normal girl, but if - it is a way of your life, then try to trim the girl alone.

on a date just stay yourself and do not try to solve for the girl, whether second, third and subsequent ones.The situation is very prompt, and, of course, her eyes, which will be written, whether it is ready to continue the relationship or not at all.