Fluid Kiss ... Hallelujah!

«fuuu, drooling !!" - Krivoy baby wipes his cheek and arm.And he thinks, "Tanya cool!That would esё! "Kiss - he's in Africa kiss.Not surprisingly, he has in all ages.And cases like this with a sincere Tanya, in fact very often in kindergartens and primary schools.Then, of course, the case of the first "adult" kiss and kiss on the cheek no longer seem so at all.But, as I said, the kiss became a daily part of our lives, and shortcomings in this certainly is not.

Surprisingly, the kiss has become not only commonplace, but also one of the points of the Constitution.Yes, the law teaches us to kiss!Of course, I'm not talking about the Constitution of Russia, Ukraine or Belarus.However, there are countries that have very strange "encouraging" and "punishment" for a kiss.

In Hungary, for example, it is forbidden to kiss his wife with a chainsaw in his hands, and in China a woman has the right to cut nalyso her husband if he is for a month or once it kissed ...

But every law has arisen onBased on someth

ing, then there is some loving husband still tried to kiss his wife with a chainsaw (I'm afraid to imagine what it is completed).You see how much attention is paid to kiss!As many of you know, there is even a World Kissing Day, which is celebrated on July 6th.Well it is not a sin in this day does not peck on the cheek mother, friend or loved one !?

Moreover, you can tell a lot about the benefits of a kiss.According to doctors, it stimulates brain activity and blood circulation, calms the nerves and even (!) Gets rid of the hiccups.And those who say that a kiss is passed through a mass of microbes that are wrong - even at the risk of catching a cold disease about 10%.So the phrase "Kiss your health!" - True.

admit that everyone loves kisses.Look around and you will see how gently smiling little girl, kissed her mother, or laughing young couple giving each other kisses every day.Eto- All of us and our lives.We can not abandon it! (Except perhaps for the experiment).But believe me, and this experience will be difficult because we have no right to deprive ourselves of what we so dearly!