How to behave with a girl?

How to behave with a girl?This question bothers many men's minds.Even the most experienced and opinionated guys sometimes do not know what policy to choose to communicate with you like a girl.After all, if from the beginning of dating to start to make mistakes and commit illogical actions, relations can not be.

guy who is looking for an answer to the question of how to behave with a woman, must determine: whether he wants to build a serious relationship was with her.After all, if sincere sympathy, it is immediately noticeable.Otherwise you have to wear masks, play games, and women always feel false.Woman relaxing natural behavior and adjusts it to the desired wave.With a man who behaves honestly, always pleasant and interesting to talk to.A lot of guys do not sleep at night and tormented by the question "How to overcome fear of the girl?".It's silly, because women are people too, they also have their own experiences and often when meeting with a man they worry a lot more of him.

These thoughts flow smoothly into the next point successful behavior with women.The guy has to be confident and show it by their behavior.The opinion is always necessary to express clearly not mumble, do not blush and stutter.Location and time travelers should be prescribed without hesitation.But do not forget about the interests of women.Suddenly she wants to go to some special place?In this case, it is unlikely to be happy with the pressure and commanding tone of the elect, who tells her about the date in a nightclub or pool.You must be able to choose the right course of action for different situations.The compromise - it is always the best way out.

guys that have plagued themselves wondering how to behave with a woman, should not forget that the majority of women like strong men.It has long been proven that almost all women subconsciously chosen to associate their own father.That is, the satellite should refer women for life, to help her in everything, not for nothing that millions of girls are constantly voiced by the same phrase: "like a stone wall."

ideal man is always considerate.He defends his chosen from the ills of life, bad weather, unpleasant people, and so on.Therefore, loving person always takes care of his half.

no secret that surprises and pleasant things can break the ice in any relationship.What girl does not dream of receiving gifts, flowers, invitations to romantic places, and so on?The guy who claims to be the next chosen one particular girl, will appoint her goodbye in their original locations.Perhaps it will be a beautiful park, deserted beach at night, where you can see the starry sky, a visit to an interesting place, or something else.We need to try to please your mate often little surprise presents.But it is important not to overdo it, because the regular bouquets of flowers then begin to be perceived as normal, and no pleasure.And a gift does not have to be purchased at an expensive store.Sometimes we launched, made by the hands, regarded with great enthusiasm.How to behave with a girl?Give her gifts.

A lot of guys do not know how to talk with the girl.Of course, the simple answer to this question is difficult to give.But in any case it is necessary to remember that women do not like boors, and those men who behave rudely and say, mother, do not listen to the interlocutor, and did not know how to listen.We need to try to speak calmly, showing in conversation all its pros and cons to hide.

Nobody is perfect, so do not convert date to march to Golgotha.It is necessary to tune the most optimistic and enjoy communicating with you like a girl.