What women like men?

What women like men?This question arises in the mind of every woman at least once in life.Basically, it appears after the failure of love, the end of the relationship is simple, or as a result of unrequited love.Sorry to give a definite answer to such a question no one can.

often possible to observe a picture when a strong, handsome young man leads arm nondescript individuals with understated looks and at the same time looks at her lovingly.And spectacular woman in such moments never ceases to amaze the world of injustice.Why smart, beautiful, independent woman with a rich inner world after thirty still lonely and a simpleton who has not achieved anything in life, except for a wedding ring on his finger, happy marriage?What women are more like men?

Before you know the answer to this question, it is necessary to understand what women scare the stronger sex.Definitely, smart.More recently, the guys shied away from too well-read girl, although now rarely seen such a situation.And some ladies with a

high IQ argue that it is simply "a man obmelchal."Everything can be ...

It is believed that the question of "what women like men" can be answered "smart and beautiful."In fact, the guys in the face of such extreme, try to avoid it, that is because they believe that it will be a lot of hassle.Subconsciously strong ladies are perceived as rivals.Many men just too lazy to tame recalcitrant women.

What should a woman to please men, to cause his interest and desire to communicate?Definitely not humble, constantly giggling creature who constantly reads glossy magazines, and do not eat anything other than sushi.In all should be the measure.Every man is looking for his ideal, but a woman, clearly, many people want to feel the puzzle.

What women like men?Of course, do not bitch, contrary to popular opinion.Such women are very attractive and wake guys in sexual fantasies, but as a rule, very, very promiscuous.To build such ladies long term relationship is practically impossible.Yes, and for men - it is a moral suicide.

selfish nature is usually too little attracted to men.They think only about themselves and do not tolerate any objections.If the guy he decided to stay with this lady, he almost completely soon turn into a weak man, who lost his own "I" with all your heart and hates domineering wife.

Despite the fact that it is often possible to see a handsome man next to a nondescript girl, the stronger sex is still not too fond of gray mice.They too helpful, caring, willing to endure anything, and will soon begin to irritate partner.

The problem is that men, after all, are different: smart, close, beautiful, business, good, stingy, generous, dishonest and so on.And each of them is looking for his mate.We can say only one thing: the wisdom of women from time immemorial is the quality that has been able to attract any guy.These ladies are able to quickly assess the situation and act accordingly time.And they do it sincerely.Sometimes naive, sometimes flirtatious, sometimes angry, sometimes touching - a woman is always surrounded by attention.And it is a person of interest in men and women simple jealousy of potential competitors in the struggle for personal happiness.

Anyone who is looking for an answer to the question "What women like men", must remember one simple thing: you have to be yourself, never wear a mask and act on a whim of the heart.Every woman has prepared the fate of their way to meet a decent man, and you can only if you know how to wait.