They are so different - theme parties

As sung in a wonderful movie: "What's there just was not there, then there just is not, but I'd like something like that ...", and in a life increasingly want "something like that", and is particularly strong this feelingbefore the onset of the holidays.As it is now undergoing a traditional corporate party or a holiday with friends?Almost the same: sat at a table and talked, danced, played games - and here it all holiday.But can such a party "lodge" is much more interesting, more fun, to make it more memorable by staging themed holiday.

Subject can be any, it all depends on your preferences and how much time and money you can invest in it.Here are some options for theme parties:

African passion;

Paper feast;

Elementary, Watson;

Cannes Film Festival;

Ball on Bulgakov;

French chic;

Medieval party ...

can continue indefinitely, because the theme parties can be devoted to any country, books, movies, time, place, etc.

start organizing any such parties need sufficient time, because organizers nee

ded to come up with a script to make a clearance, prepare the props, and guests need time to find the right costumes.

Plan themed parties can be simple algorithm for making entries in his notebook:

1).Find a place

2).Come up with decorations

3).Choose appropriate food and drinks

4).To think the dress code

5).Select props

6).Create a program

example of a low-budget party for active people, "We are not sitting on the ground."

First you need to think through the route (theme parks, favorite spots).The scenery here, of course, not needed.To "table" will suit any food easily transportable.To dress code only two requirements: convenience and practicality.But as props are ideal firecrackers and balloons that will bring holiday mood.If the street is already quite dark, the party atmosphere perfectly complement sparklers.

One of the most luxurious are considered gangster themed parties.To organize such a festival is very difficult, in fact, that it looks really impressive, without serious costs is necessary.As a place for such "dangerous" party suit almost any club, but the unique surroundings give holding her in an empty hangar.The scenery here is very much needed, ideally, if we can repeat the style of underground clubs of Chicago in the 20s (should not forget about the "illegal casino").Musical accompaniment must also conform to: jazz, swing and other music of that time.Guests have to wait a lot of cold snacks, but the main "table decoration", of course, will be an alcohol, for conspiracy poured into the kettle (in fact has a "dry law").Dress code for men - a strict dark suits, suspenders, hats, ladies dress up in the luxury silk dress with a fur cape and make a retro hairstyle, and then diamonds will be very useful.For details include pistols and assault rifles at visitors, cigars and fine ladies' cigarette with a mouthpiece, spread out newspapers of the time.From the competition can be: shooting water pistol competitors, who will release the smoke rings over who will be the longest column of ash.At the beginning of the party, you can secretly assign one of the guests spy competitive clan and during the holiday its goal is to steal bank and other guests order to calculate the "enemy", who was the first to cope with its task - the win.

And, perhaps, the most "cling to the soul" of the Russian people for the variation - a theme party of the USSR.As a venue suitable room with the most simple situation.Decorate the room you need posters with slogans of those years, the flag of the USSR, the portraits of the main figures, red carnations in vases.From treats necessarily a salad "Olivier", pickles, doctoral sausage, sprats, "Soviet" champagne, "Pinocchio" and "Capital".Citizens dressed in simple costumes and citizen (unless, of course, this is not an employee of any bureau) in simple dresses with loose skirts.Props on this festival can be: the newspaper "Pravda", a variety of icons ("always ready" icon Octobrist and others.) Pioneer tie, a red armband.No doubt, such a holiday must begin with a presentation by the speaker, who will talk about all the successes over the past five years.As you can guess the contests Soviet songs of different years, to conduct demonstration fashion boots, to compete in the transfer of a few nuts (when given one newspaper, and you need to move, not moving from her) for the title of "Drummer of labor."

For those wishing to visit at a later time, the Soviet Union fit theme parties mods.