How to meet a guy easily and unobtrusively

Every girl ever wondered how to get acquainted with a guy.But in such a short question hides many aspects: where best to learn, how to start, what to say, how to understand whether or not to continue the conversation as not to get into a silly situation ... and much, much more.

begin to understand the topic as the first to meet a guy is, of course, with the choice of place.It may be your job, or institution, social club frequented places (theaters, exhibitions, libraries), home yard, public transport, shops.Of course, there are situations that the only women's team, interest club called "sewing classes", and frequently visited places are just home and work, and meet on the street or in public transport seems to be something unseemly.What to do then?Search.That's right, no hope for the chance meeting and a little effort to ensure that this meeting took place.Then it remains to determine what type of man you want.If a strong and sporty - your ideal, then go a few times in a sports club or enjoy martial

arts, or start skiing in general, as they say, combine business with pleasure.If you are the main men in intelligence and education, it is necessary to look into the library, exhibitions, to enroll in literature or history, go to the theater.Of course, the store "hunter and fisherman," you can find the candidate of sciences, but still in the "thematic" areas of probability is much higher.

next issue of a series of "how to meet with a girl" is a way to explore yourself.The vast majority of men by nature protectors and helpers, but often because of embarrassment or modesty, they do not show.In this case, they need a little help.The easiest way to meet with a guy - is to turn to him with a question or to ask for help.For example, if you liked the guy you saw at the bus stop, you can ask him a question on what bus you can get to a certain stop, ask if he had seen when driving 56 ("and the stand-stand, and its all there, herealready beginning to doubt, even if he goes here ").The main thing is not what you say, but what has struck up a conversation, so if you liked the guy, he is 90% of his support.

win-win situation as the meet with a guy - it's come to a shop specializing in selling gear, and ask you liked the guy to help you choose the gear as a gift for Dad (brothers, uncles).And if at the same time to add a completely sincere and unhappy "I really do not understand this, but you're so cool around are good" that has no man shall stand before you.

If you are concerned about the issue, as the original to meet with a guy, then here are some simple options: to approach the vending guy and absolutely safe to say something like: "Hi, how Oleg business?And a hundred years have not seen him. "When a guy starts to tell you that you made a mistake, we can only accept embarrassed and start to apologize, and after that a guy is likely to continue the conversation itself, because no one "true gentleman" would not allow the girl was sad because of such a stupid mistake.Another option is very original, but is only suitable self-confident girls.Walking next to the guy liked to pretend that talking on the phone with a friend (do not shout in the street, but so that he could hear) and start the "conversation" to describe what an interesting young man comes near you.How nice it looks (a great figure, so cute, so stylishly dressed, her hair simply top class and so the list goes on), and that even at a glance you can see what he is smart, wonderful and cheerful.After he heard what a good and cheerful it will have no choice other than to go to prove to you that all this is true.

If you are afraid of the first to get acquainted with a guy just because you think that you can look ridiculous or absurd, then just spend a mini-experiment.Ask your friends 10 guys as they can in two words describe a girl who will come to meet him, and you will see that among the answers: "bold", "interesting", "unusual" there will be no "ridiculous."The main thing you need to remember to get acquainted easily and unobtrusively, causing aggressive behavior, or simply inappropriate here.