First date with a girl: Tips for the timid

first date - it's always an exciting event.And if you are the timid, then it can fall into a superhuman panic.So, you miraculously managed to ask a girl out on a date.We will not consider in detail the process, as it requires a separate discussion.But if the job is done and your fiancee agreed to come at the appointed time in the restaurant, park, theater or any other place, which came to your imagination, that's good.Now the main thing to hold the first meeting so that both of you have a desire to appoint the second.

Although, of course, the question of where to go on a first date, it is impossible to ignore.It depends on whether you can make the right impression.The choice of options is huge: a restaurant, a skating rink, a cinema, a walk in the park, picnic, sports match, breakfast in the café, amusement park, zoo, bowling, disco and so on.Unequivocally say that like a girl and not like the other, it is impossible.Therefore it is necessary beforehand to talk to her friends, maybe they will advise s

omething worthwhile.But you can not lose your head, because friends are sometimes even envious concurrently.

So, how to behave, to a first date caused the girl's enthusiasm and desire to meet you again and again?Do not forget that the first impression decides the outcome of the event.Therefore, we must not only take care of their appearance, but also to behave accordingly.Pick clothes that would fit to a particular venue.It is not necessary for a walk in the park walk in a classic suit, and the theater in jeans and a sweater.Shoes should shine.After all, according to numerous polls, it is clear that almost all women hate unpolished shoes.

need to behave as if in front of you an amazing woman, a queen, a goddess.Ladies love to be admired.But no need to go to far.If you pour honey all the time compliments, the girl is quickly bored.In no case do not look at other women, even if they are slimmer and more beautiful, and even in frank dresses.It is absolutely not like your beloved.

is important to choose an interesting topic of conversation.Do not forget to monitor the reaction companion.If she is bored, he began to look around, or, God forbid, yawn, it is necessary to change the subject, tell us something funny.Keep the conversation should be elated.In no case do not need to talk about your problems at work or health.This, first of all, nobody is interested in, and secondly, women hate whiners.

better to try as much as possible to find out about the girl.After all, women as well as men, like when a person they show interest.It is impossible not to close the evening mouth and tell of their achievements, position in society, remembering funny stories, to admire the local cuisine and so on.Give the girl, tell us about yourself, ask her about her life, do not be afraid to talk about books, music, its enthusiasm, work.But not too zealous with questions about his parents, and especially it is not necessary to affect about sex or former relations.

on the first date is better to come with flowers.And let it not be roses, firstly, it is banal, and secondly, it is very intimate, and thirdly, you just do not know the tastes of the chosen one.It is better to choose something neutral, such as a nice bouquet of wildflowers.Give any gift on the first date is not accepted, because the interest of the girls can not be bought.But to pay the bill in a restaurant, buy movie tickets or rides - this must be for you unconditional, mandatory procedure.After all, avaricious men do not like women much more than boring, not trendy or too bothersome.

about how to arrange a first date with a girl, tips are all around, but it's better listen to his own heart.