The shilak good manicure?

Most women visit beauty salons, recording a manicure, pedicure, haircut and stuff.Classic treatments will never lose its relevance.However, like the appearance of fashionable and stylish haircuts, manicure in the world is also very waiting for the new products.Most recently appeared in beauty salons to create a fashionable novelty excellent and modern manicure.

novelty is called shilak manicure (Shellac), and at this moment heard about it only a few, and not all beauty salons is able to offer this procedure.However, those salons that have the ability to recommend this type of manicure, argue that it is particularly beneficial for women who can not afford to frequent the salon because of its ongoing business employment.In fact, here lies one of the features of such a manicure - it is not for nothing called a permanent because it holds, keeping its original appearance, for about two weeks.

Shilak was developed by Creative Nail Design (CND), which specializes in the manufacture of cosmetic products fo

r nails, hands and feet.Shilak gel - a hybrid lacquer having a structure of a liquid, but the coating is hard and durable.It is very comfortable to wear, does not weigh as nails, which reflects its hybrid - in this case the combination of the ease and stability of a gel varnish.

At first glance shilak manicure - a regular manicure with standard lacquer.However, the procedure is not used for coating, and shilak gel through which nails can be simulated.Like conventional lacquer deposition, the coating is carried shilak standard method (the procedure is to apply the base layer, after which the colored lacquer is applied in two coats, then the last fixing layer), but in this case, each layer must be dried under the light of an ultraviolet lamp.The resulting monolithic layer will not be erased and will not have chips and shine and look manicure will keep for a long time, maintaining shine and shape.

Shilak manicure has another significant advantage - it makes the nail plate more durable and solid.Furthermore, the coating can be used as a basis for the application of conventional varnish.Once it is bored, it is removed using nail polish remover, wherein shilak will have no damages nor brilliance of any number of layers, either in strength.

koenchno, like other procedures Shilak manicure, too, has its drawbacks, some of which have already been named:
- procedure is carried out not in all beauty salons,
- its value is high enough, so all the same preference for the classic type of manicure,
-home procedure is not feasible, removing shilak also know salon professionals, so the overlay gel, and its removal is necessary to see a specialist.

the disadvantage of high cost is offset by prolonged repetition of the procedure.Vyshu already spoken about the stability of the coating, as it turns out, repeating the process several times normal for the time it would hold Shilak, he spent more time, nerves and energy.

Ā«Removing shilak?" - With a special liquid, though this procedure is carried out and in the cabin, but there is no need for lengthy cutting of a thick layer of gel or acrylic used in nail enhancements.

Yet shilak gel acquires growing popularity among women, so that all can say with confidence that the merits of coverage to cover all of its shortcomings.I am particularly pleased that there is no need to fear for the damage to the coating immediately after the procedure, as long drying is not required.The most recent, but it is very important - shilak gipollergenen completely, so can be used by anyone.