Krakelyurny nail polish - vintage style

From the middle of the last century came into vogue vintage style, which is now at the peak of popularity, so decorators like all old.Craquelure word in French means a crack.Ancient paintings are at the top and a colorful lacquer layer cracks formed from time to time, but with the help of polish krakelyurnogo can be artificially aged any surface.Special krakelyurny nail polish appeared in 2011 at the annual international exhibition of professional cosmetics Intersharm held in Moscow, where he created a furore.

krakelyurny trendy nail polish is also called graffiti and paint-python, because with it you can achieve the effect of snake or crocodile skin.Collection of nail originally contained eight colors, and in the summer there was a new super popular collection krakelyurnyh varnishes, including 17 colors.The new collection also came out in the mini-bottles, so it is very convenient to take along for the ride.

new nail has one feature - it glows under UV light.The colors of lacquer are selected depe

nding on what needs to happen.For example, to get the effect of an old Gzheli, use the blue and white, and to create the effect of an old porcelain need to use white or a shade of warm milk.Krakelyurny nail polish in conjunction with an ordinary kid will create the effect of skin.

Krakelyurovye varnishes produce different leading companies, for example, China Glase, OPI, XD, Crackle, and others.The question that worries many fashionistas - is where to buy krakelyurny nail?Cracked varnish begins to enter the market, you can buy it in specialty stores, supermarkets and cosmetic departments.In big cities you can buy in the transitions, and can be purchased krakelyurny nail polish and through an online store, offering services managers who advise on all questions and help you choose the right product.

Fashion Nails in the style of "vintage" you can do even at home.To do this, apart from the color of nail polish and foundations under the need krakelyurny varnish application technique which consists of three stages.At first, as usual, the nail plate varnish base.Then nail varnish, which will be visible through the cracks.After the color layer is dry, you need to apply varnish krakelyurny.If the varnish applied to the python-neprosohshy layer, the desired effect is not obtained.Krakelyurny varnish applied should be a thin layer to the lower layer barely visible.

If you want to get the effect of deep cracks, the colors chosen the opposite, for example, black and white, purple and orange, blue and yellow.Complementary colors will not too textured effect and manicure will look more natural.Using the technique of stretching with a few nail-pythons can create a unique pattern for each nail.After drying varnish krakelyurnogo gradually emerging cracks and turns drawing.

Now several small secrets of proper use of the spectacular finish.Somehow manufacturers shamefully silent about it, and offered advice based only on practical application.

After applying a layer of colored lacquer it must be thoroughly dry, another layer krakelyurovy get bumpy.Himself craquelure before use should be long and carefully stir.The fact that this type of lacquer is very thin, and the storage of many solids and pigments simply sink to the bottom.Therefore, the need for a long agitation.Both the paint, despite its liquid consistency, after application to the nails dries very quickly - just instantly.Hence, it is necessary to apply a thick smear, and not, as is usually applied varnishes.If he has time to dry out a bit and still drive on it with a brush for roughness or to add strokes, the cracks turn out too well shaped and too flat and boring.
Lucky different companies offer their own, unique design - in some small cracks are more, others - large.

If desired, over the resulting pattern can be applied as a universal finishing clearcoat.In this case, manicure get extra shine and will last longer.