How and what to wear moccasins

One of the latest fashion trends of the season - moccasins.This comfortable shoes, often flat shoes (some female models have a small heel).In men, they are plain, decorated with a woman.Most often, these shoes are made of genuine leather.But before you buy it, it is necessary to solve the question of what to wear moccasins.

Since these shoes and men's and women's, there are some rules for each sex.First of all we should not forget the need to reconcile wardrobe items.To do this, we must be able to distinguish colors and choose them properly.You should also remember about the style.Moccasins come in different colors and with different finishes, so they can be considered a universal thing.But in any case, can not wear a shoe with a business suit or sportswear.So what to wear moccasins best?Women should give preference to Bridge, they shortened version and shorts.On top you can wear a t-shirt or short-sleeved shirt.If it's cold outside, select a trench, blazer or cardigan.

How to wear moccasins men?Fo

r these acts the same rule as for women: in no case do not combine them with a business suit, sportswear and beachwear.It is also worth remembering that it is predominantly summer shoes, so do not wear it in the fall or spring, even if the weather allows it.It will look strange in a company with coats and cloaks.So, if you have moccasins, what to wear with them?Ideal - is a short pants and jeans.On top you can wear short-sleeved shirt or polo shirt, T-shirt.It is important not to wear socks or use the model that will not be visible.It is considered bad form.Women should not wear loafers with stockings and tights.Preferably wear them on bare feet.Men excluded cases with long trousers models can dress socks.Their color is chosen to tone trousers.

From what to wear moccasins women to look original?With skirts.Yes, it is with them.Moreover, some models such shoes have a small heel.The length of the skirt can be any.Effectively moccasin look with a mini-skirt.It is important that it is stretched across the silhouette.A good option - skirt to the floor in the Gypsy style.To add an image to help ethnic jewelery and a bag with fringe.It is best if it is made of genuine leather.Its color can pick up the tone for moccasins, but is not required to do.

From what to wear moccasins, of course, but what can not be?Primarily a business clothes.This applies to both men and women.Also, do not wear them with wide trousers, leggings and tights.You should not wear them with winter clothing.But overall ease moccasins just in their universality.Depending on the model, you can create any image.He can be romantic, classic and sports.Once you begin to wear such shoes, evaluate its comfort and convenience.In the future, you can choose the color of the color of the dress loafers or collect different combinations.It may be used as a highlight of his shoes image.But it's worth noting that it is better not to choose black loafers - stylists consider it bad taste.