To learn how to tie a bandanna

Bandana - it is nothing like a big triangular or square section of fabric color.Wear it can be almost any part of the body: on the neck as a scarf, arms, legs, hips.Although, of course, most often it is used in a concise and simple headdress.In this article, we'll show you how to tie a bandana so that not only saved from the dust and heat of the sun, but also to create a stylish original image.

little history

first triangular piece of cloth used purely practical purpose - to protect against dust.Suffice it to recall the American cowboys - they knew how to tie a bandanna, and often wore it around his neck, and when transhumance rises, protecting nose and mouth from the clouds of dust that would raise large herds of animals.Inhabitants of Central Asia have long used pieces of fabric to protect the head from the sun.If you look at the Asian turban and show a little imagination, you can see it in the same bandanna.But that was long ago.Now this popular and modern headdress seriously pressed caps and wai

stcoats and took its rightful place in accessories stylish clothes.For the manufacture of bandanas used a variety of materials: cotton, jersey, synthetics, silk, wool and even leather.The last option came to taste the many bikers.Coloring modern bandanas can also surprise with their variety.In addition to various abstract drawings and inscriptions are often found Eastern ornaments, various symbols, logos, rock bands and much more.

Options tying bandannas

This versatile accessory worn since the fifteenth century and continue to this day to wear both women and men.Here are the most popular ways of how to tie a bandanna:

  1. Take a square cut fabric with a party of about 60 cm and fold it diagonally so as to form a triangle.Now get two angles tie tight around the neck or the back of the top color.Third, the remaining end of the triangle, you can skip a node or just leave it hang freely.This method is to tie a bandana is the most popular and gives the appearance of cowboy man or at least a fan of hip-hop.
  2. next option is suitable only for a square-shaped fabric.Wrap one of the corners so that it is turned around in the middle.Take the adjacent ends of the fold line bandanas in both hands and gently place the folded edge on the forehead.Now slightly zaprokinte head and side angles press tightly to the ears.Wrap them to the back of the head back and tie a conventional knot.Hold down the ends, so as not to dissolve the other end position the remainder of bandanas on top of the unit.The final touch: Make another node of the free ends so as to grab them back corner bandanas.
  3. This approach is similar to the previous one.There is also need to put one end of the middle square.Now, instead of tying two corners, lower the loose end on the head and gently hold it with one hand, and the remaining two side edges tie on top of his head.

Now you know how to tie a bandanna, and through our simple instructions can create a cool stylish image and the envy of all your friends.Do not be afraid to experiment!Perhaps bandana - it's the details that for your image just is not enough.