Women's suits: fashion through history

believed that mass production of overalls began with the release in 1856, the founder of the now world-famous company Levi's Levi Strauss jeans first installment models for workers.Since then, the triumphal procession of a very convenient and comfortable clothes all over the world there was no stopping.From a purely working overalls they first moved and firmly established in the military sphere.Then, during the First World War, they appreciated the woman, but still as a working form.Already since the 40s of the last century, overalls began to appear in the daily life and more insistently to break through to the podium in the world.At the same time, they emerged from the narrow gauge denim textile into the wide variety of time.

Today women overalls firmly established in the wardrobes of the fairer sex, and their model, fabric, textured variety of surprises.From jeans to chiffon, from uniforms to evening dress, from fitting a second skin to simulate a free flowing dresses.Virtually all model homes inc

lude this universal union of various top and pants or shorts in each of his collection.Women's overalls ladies escorted almost everywhere.So which model to choose in the summer 2013?

Women's overalls - an indispensable option clothes for home

This appointment sew overalls made of soft fabrics such as fleece, velor, plush, all kinds of woolen knitwear for winter days when you want warmth and comfort.In the old version used cotton, linen, modal, silk or synthetic analogs, rayon and others who make clothes light and cool on hot days.Undoubtedly, this season should pay particular attention to the model of natural fabrics cut free with an emphasis on original playful prints, for example, such as in the photo.

A highlight of this representative fashion jumpsuits 2013 is a combination of flowing silk and soft pleats at the hips, accentuated belt-bow.

Women's overalls - business trend, the

The overall atmosphere of the office, too, looks very organic, the main thing - to choose the right model and support its accessories.Business style implies some form of rigor, restraint and brevity cut flowers.But the summer of 2013 allows you to make a note of self-will, and in this direction, allowing for bright accessories and insisting on more saturated primary colors.That is such an option would be relevant in the negotiations at the executive level and at the same time would make his mistress strong and stylish.

Women's overalls - a favorite evening dress celebrities

chose it to suit as clothes for the grand evening out, you have to be ready to be in the spotlight.This really had an image - the freedom-loving and original originally, that leaves no one indifferent around.It is understandable why celebrities with enviable frequency appear in different versions to suit parties, red carpet and even weddings.Here is the summer 2013 in the stars - a variety of color and style strikes, the main criterion for selection is still individuality, emphasizing the dignity of the hostess.Preference is given to school saturated colors in combination with unusual textural fabrics.In such fashion show outfits on the red carpet was the highlight of the fashion world in 2013.

completely separate direction in this dress - it's denim overalls.Photos of girls in these models are constantly present in the pages of glossy magazines, paying tribute to the historical progenitor, but also introducing modern ultromodnye trends in the classical form of his "grandfather".Here's an interesting representative of the well and advantageously combines narrower silhouette trousers and vest top Shirt from a combination of the two colors of denim.The original representative summer denim models this year.

And, of course, as a summer option is to choose a female jumpsuit.Shorts or light pants - it is not so important, the main thing that was spacious, cool and comfortable.These are the models offer a podium for the season of the summer 2013 eminent masters of style and fashion.

By types of clothing can be treated in different ways: to love or not to love, to wear or not to wear.To understand and to feel, to feel the clothes, you have to at least try to put on it.And from then on, as there will be.Although many observed that if the suit did not leave indifferent its possessor, the love for this dress is retained for life, while the number of variants in the cabinet will grow and multiply continuously.