Transparent swimsuit - fashion trend of 2013

you ordered the online store swimwear and when you receive it turned out that he was X-rayed, and now you do not know what to do?Well, perhaps in this case, do not worry, because the transparent swimsuit is now in vogue!Every year, designers come up with new original stuff, and surprise their inventions it becomes more difficult each time.Perhaps that is why day by day fashion is becoming more bold, colorful and sexy.Once come up with a transparent dress, it was not long, and it came to bathing suits.

Born out of foam

Imagine a shocking picture: sunny sweet day, you bathe in the sea, and then out of the water slender and beautiful.Men do not have any chance.You, then, of course, know that you are wearing a swimsuit transparent, but they ... In a few seconds, and they will understand ... just for the sake of this moment is once in your life and try to put on a transparent sea swimsuit - the effect will bebreathtaking!

Oh, those designers

for this summer's fashion designers have prepared a whol

e collection of single cut and separate bathing suits, which only give the appearance that something is hiding in the woman's body.The material for these fashion garments is elastic fabric with mesh, lace, ruches, appliques and embroidery.They look simply stunning.However, the designer is not paid attention to those who fully transparent swimsuit is not satisfied.More modest beauties who want to add some fun to your holiday wardrobe may wish to pay attention to models with small inserts.Most of these products fall into the range together, that is, one-piece swimsuits transparent.These inserts are made of translucent materials or simply imitated by straps, guipure and twisted ropes.A more restrained design models should be fine even the youngest fashionistas.The main thing to see to it that the translucent parts was too much.

Recommendations designers

Despite the desire of some to make a splash ekstremalok immediately after leaving the rooms, fashion designers still advised not to overdo it in this regard.Hardly attendants like the girl in transparent swimsuits, freely roam the corridors.And indeed, why take the risk and provoke trouble?So if you do decide to buy a transparent swimsuit advise immediately look after the appropriate clothing and accessories.First of all pay attention to the transparent tunics and blouses, as well as spectacular skirts, trouser suits and dresses.They definitely need to pick up matching leotard.This combination of clothes will make you simply irresistible.As for accessories, it is, of course, the bulk bag (where do without it?), Hair clip, branded baseball cap and cosmetics for tanning and protection from ultraviolet radiation.Sunlight is, of course, useful, but abuse it's still not worth it.Otherwise, premature aging of the skin and early wrinkles are inevitable.And we do not need it.