Menthol color in clothes - fashion trend of 2013

In search of an answer to a question about what the colors in vogue SPRINGSUMMER 2013 girls notice that among the actual colors of the season - the color of menthol.What's he like?

Menthol color usually associated with something fresh and light, spring and romantic.At the same time it is the color of power and sea.The first is a soft shade of green or turquoise, which has become very popular in this season.Today more relevant than menthol clothes and accessories, make-up, nail polish and other details.Interestingly, the color of mint is considered universal: it is perfect to owners of any color, any shape, any style.This color blends perfectly with lots of colors and looks very nice, regardless of the material of clothes.So, how to choose and wear clothes menthol color?What it combine?To suit menthol nuances?On this - on.

choose clothes menthol color

Note that the color of mint - a loose concept, because there are so many shades, each of which is suitable for a particular skin color and hair.Th

at is why, when choosing clothes, be careful not to lose and not to make mistakes in creating the image.For example, brunettes suitable light mint color, but the owners of blond hair is better to prefer darker shades of mint.In general, it can be seen immediately, fit a particular shade or not.If not - better to hang the thing on its usual place in the store and look for something more suitable.

How to wear the color of mint?

Shade picked up correctly, but you do not know how to wear the clothes and what to combine?It's very simple: any shade of mint combined with a variety of wonderful colors.One and the same color looks unique on different materials: cotton is more "gentle", wool - more "cool."This color blends well with lighter materials, such as silk or chiffon.It perfectly suited menthol and other pastel colors of spring 2013: light pink, beige, milky, turquoise, white.

is best combined with menthol blue.It is suitable to all and will help to create an image in absolutely any style.

no secret that in the summer fashionista prefer bright and saturated tones.Be careful, because not every shade of mint harmonious look with vivid colors.Among the best options - mint color with bright yellow, green and orange.

If your goal - the creation of a gentle and soft image, add mint pastel outfit accessories.Pastel (eg delicate lavender or pale pink) will give your mind a special charm and femininity.Very nice minty color looks white.

can also be combined with each other are different shades of menthol.Relevant in this season considered as menthol jeans in combination with a neutral top and accessories.It would be nice to complement the image of the clock or mint-colored metal ornaments.

Note finally that the color looks great and menthol in everyday clothes and cocktail dresses, and jumpsuits.Do not be afraid to experiment and you will certainly be able to create unique images for all occasions!