Create a retro image: dress dandies 50s

Interest in the style of Soviet youth rebellious fifties and sixties of the last century came after the film "The Dandies", released in 2008. Today, the modern generation tends to play the fashion of those years in theme parties, flash mobs and even wedding ceremonies.How does look like dandies dress, what elements should include your image to be as similar to the original?On this and talk in our article.

Fashionistas of the time favored or outfits that are as snug figure, along with a very fluffy skirts, knee-length sun.In the latter case, in order to achieve greater effect, under the dudes wore colorful dresses Petticoats.As for the top, there might be puffed sleeves, thin straps, American armhole or bodice, which fastens with buttons.The result was a very feminine silhouette that emphasizes the beauty and softness of the lines girlish figure.

very important element of the dress are dandies accessories.For example, a contrasting color belt or waistband, emphasizes the waistline.In color to it

should be matched lacquered heels or with a sharp nose open.If you prefer a more comfortable shoes, then your option - Ballerinas.Also, do not forget about the bag, clutch corresponding tone.

Remember that clothes dandies - is, above all, the combination of bright colors and different textures of fabrics, as well as the most daring prints and patterns.In the cold season does not freeze and can help to complement the image of stockings with a seam that our grandmothers are often simply painted black pencil.Another equally important part is the massive plastic decorations.They are inexpensive, but look under the style perfectly.

When our dresses hipsters ready, it's time to break to make-up.Eyes inflict bright shade, draw wide enough black arrows and complete all the several layers of mascara.On the lips do a clear outline and apply lipstick luscious colors.Hair in the fifties it was decided to curl into large curls or doing high "shell."Another option right hairstyle - comb the roots to the crown, and the ends into a ponytail.Complement hair ribbons, bows or hoop.

Now that your image is complete, you need to think about the dress for your companion.As for men, the early years of the mods they preferred to wear baggy type jackets, wide trousers bright, no less flashy ties, colorful socks and wide-brimmed hats.A little later, the boys began to look more elegant, appeared pants-pipes, plaid shirt, skinny tie and hair "cook".

Of course, in our time is unlikely someone will be surprised and troubled bright girlish dresses hipsters or bright men's suits.Even after fifty years on city streets you can see young people who seek to emulate this style, if not copying the image as a whole, it took him some details.Most importantly, do not be afraid to experiment and not to focus on a single image.Be different!Be beautiful!