The agent for the growth of eyelashes: consumer reviews

There are a lot of various tools for the growth of eyelashes, manufacturers that promise amazing results, including such as: Almea Xlash, Careprost, Magic Glance Intence, Advanced LashAlmea Xlash.The drug increases the length of the lashes up to 40%, strengthen, make them brighter.Most of them have a natural composition, and a built-in applicator makes it easy to apply tool.After reading the article, you can decide how you will approach means for the growth of eyelashes.Testimonials of satisfied women's products are also provided below.

Pros and cons of the use of funds

Girls try tool for eyelash growth, leave reviews, both positive and negative.Among the advantages: it strengthens growth, nourishes and revitalizes, makes eyelashes darker.There is an increase thickness and length of lashes.Means convenient and easy to apply.Cons: Many write that found no flaws at all, some were minor allergic reaction, expressed in a little red eyelids and light tingling.Also as a minus point and the high cost of

the product.

agent for eyelash growth Careprost

In about this drug is very mixed reviews, consumers say both advantages and disadvantages.Advantages: eyelashes grow longer, in some cases, thicker and thicker.Minus the reviews, there were more.Inconvenient application preparation that must be done with a sterile applicator.Many complain of a severe allergic reaction.Some write that means expensive, it is very difficult to find and it is completely ineffective.Also write about that because of the means contained in the male hormone do not grow hair where it is needed, namely on the fingers and face.

Magic Glance Intence

means of promises producer contributes to the restoration of health and strength of eyelashes, recommended for active recovery after extension and waving, strengthens the structure.Eyelashes become longer and thicker.Women who use the funds for the growth of eyelashes, reviews are left in most cases, only positive.The preparation for the growth of eyelashes Magic Glance Intence has its advantages and disadvantages.Pros: really gives results in about two weeks.Eyelashes grow longer, thicker, a little darker, reduced loss.Among the few drawbacks is marked only the high cost of the product.

means to lash Advanced Lash

manufacturer promises a month strengthening the structure of the roots of eyelashes, protection from negative impacts, as well as what will be fluffy eyelashes, long and beautiful.Feedback from consumers, visible results in three weeks: the lashes are thicker, increasing their growth and a decline in precipitation.The cost of funds compared with the two procedures eyelash.

agent for eyelash growth FEG

Consumers, try this tool for the growth of eyelashes, reviews leave more of a negative character.According to some women, the drug increases the volume of the eyelashes, but the length remains the same.But most of all means has no effect and is only a waste of money.

masks lash

Before using the mask, it is necessary to consult a doctor.Many girls there is a strong allergic reaction to the components.