Cosmetics "Kolistar" - beauty and convenience

Cosmetics "Kolistar" - a popular Italian brand, which is known in the market to look after and color cosmetics for nearly 40 years.It is noteworthy that this is the cosmetics received the first authorizing the sale of patents for compact powder, lipstick first logo, anti-cellulite spray and mascara with a convenient applicator comb.

Selective brand

"Kolistar" is a selective brand, a division of a large pharmaceutical company.It is noteworthy that "Kolistar" - cosmetics, catalog which is striking in its diversity.In our own laboratory professionals to develop unique systems for skin care.

Product testing

absolutely all the products prior to sale are subject to strict control.Central to the company's work is a skillful combination of quality and price.Over the past 13 years about cosmetics "Kolistar" firmly entrenched in first place among suppliers of various funds.

Popularity cosmetics "Kolistar"

in its market segment products "Kolistar" became a symbol of safety, efficiency and the h

ighest quality at an affordable cost.

High quality products caused the ongoing ophthalmologic, dermatological and cosmetic studies, severe tests and strict quality control.Cosmetic "Kolistar" ratings has a generally positive, because it does not cause allergic or other adverse reactions.

low prices - not a hindrance quality

fundamental principles of the brand is to maintain an ideal level of prices without a loss of quality.Application exclusively high quality materials and modern innovative technologies enables the company to be at the leading position in its price range, with each year the number of its fans is growing.


Cosmetics "Kolistar" many times received awards for innovation in the field of cosmetology.For example, the medical series "Kolistar" in 2003 was named the best according to experts Global Beaute.Then, a year later, he won the championship line of decorative cosmetics.Also, on account of many other honorary degrees and diplomas.

amazing fact

little known that "Kolistar" - the world's first brand, which was presented at the museum.Some trends become a real masterpiece in cosmetics: a highly effective anti-cellulite cream, a special water Sun, filling wrinkles and firm cream.Cosmetics "Kolistar" specifically designed to make man and woman beautiful.The entire line of products in this cosmetic brand made from natural and high-quality products.

most diverse line of cosmetics

Today in the assortment of cosmetics company has 14 lines, aimed at solving the problems that are associated with the appearance of the skin of the body, face, hair and health in general.A series of cosmetics, which is dedicated to the care of the body includes a mud mask, atitsellyulitnye scrubs and all kinds of creams that can give the skin a healthy appearance and a homogeneous structure.And there is an assortment of products for men: anti-aging series for the skin, shaving, deodorants, etc.Sun-Line provides a safe and even tan, but also includes a self-tanning, which allows you to give the body a uniform natural color without spots.