"Amor Amor" perfume: three images of one flavor

most sexy, colorful, teasing, young and flirty - this is "Amor Amor", spirits, which is associated with youth and love.But surely their scent can cause only delight?Probably, these odors do not exist, because many people, so many opinions.Let's try to describe "Amor Amor" from a completely different perspective.

"Amor Amor": perfume-elixir of love.According to the manufacturer

Spirits "Amor Amor" its success largely due to a very active campaign.Kissing couple, accompanied by a bottle of red, present literally everywhere: on television, on the advertising banners, in glossy magazines.It is not surprising that women in our country have not yet hardened tons of advertising, he immediately rushed to buy "Amor Amor", naively believing that this fragrance will bring them success with the opposite sex.According to the manufacturer, "Amor Amor" - is the embodiment of youth and temptation, incredibly attractive, bold and bright image.This is the love that we all seek in their youth: passionate, very pas

sionate, full of unrestrained joy, jubilation and purity.The girl who wears this fragrance - the winner, it attracts everyone.

"Amor Amor" - spirits of Cacharel.Opinion fans

opinions about Cacharel fragrance "Amor Amor" quite unanimous: it is a very nice and natural.No matter what brand marketers say, it is important that the perfumers have created a quality product.This fragrance is delicious, all the notes sound very natural and recognizable.Rate yourself this track: apricot, black currant, a bit of fresh citrus.All complemented by sweet flowers: jasmine, rose, white lily.The database - sensual amber and musk, warm cedar, tonka bean and vanilla, which always gives a flavor softness, roundness, completeness and some finality.In combination with thin vanilla beans is even better, a pastry shop ... It seems that the notes lightly, but it is not: a deep flavor, volume, powerful and very resistant.Vanilla is sweet, but with a slight bitterness that gives flavor to remind bakery.The girl who wears this fragrance may want to attract men or do not want, in any case, it will come from a very pleasant scent that awakens desire.

"Amor Amor": Spirits of Mystery?Opinion opponents

Those who categorically do not like "Amor Amor", not so much.Rather, there are those who appreciated the quality of the products from Cacharel, but said: "It's not mine."Yes, the name sounds very intriguing, but it is sexy fragrance, really?Bouquet perky, joyful, positive, sparkling ... There is no doubt, attractive, but innocent and utterly devoid of mature tart, animal sexuality.It does not satisfy the desire to be mysterious or subtle, it is an extraordinary and precious woman whose sensuality does not shout about itself.Besides, said flavor requires accurate dosing, otherwise it becomes cloying, suffocating and unbearably annoying.Many "grow" out of him, and, looking back, say, "I liked him, but now I like something more complicated."Also, one can often hear: "Oh, if only he was not so popular ...".Thus, a girl who chooses this fragrance (from the point of view of disappointed ladies) - this is a very superficial person, even a bright and attractive, but not a matter of deep interest.

So who is "Amor Amor"?Bold, modern and very attractive girls and gay fans of delicious smells that nothing prevents, abandoning unpretentious, a little naive flavor, switch to something more sophisticated ... or naive simpleton, who believe that the short skirt, young andSmile - it's everything you need to attract the attention of men?Perhaps neither one nor the other, because one and the same short skirt can look quite differently.Everything depends only on the person who wears it.