The palette of colors for hair "Loreal Preference" - be compelling in the new color

Well what a real woman did not try to change its image by using hair coloring?Agree, it's so interesting: feel the striking blonde, the brunette burning, and sometimes red beast.The only "but" upsets all the ladies in hair dye - dye components have no means beneficial effects on the skin of the head and hair.Therefore it is very important to choose the procedure for the most gentle means and the oxidant is extremely low percentages.The palette of colors for hair "Loreal Preference" - this is the paint, which causes minimal damage to the skin and hair, and at the same time provides a rich and vibrant natural color shine.

brief explanation

Painting "L'Oreal Preference" has in its collection of 45 shades, from the lightest to the carbon black.The structure means includes lavender extract, which reacts with the pigment helps to give your hair the perfect color.Create a palette of colors for hair "Loreal Preference" joint efforts of the cosmetics company L'Oreal Laboratories and known in cosmetology colo

rist Christophe Robin.They put a lot of energy and effort to create the paint highly resistant and natural.For gray painting "L'Oreal Preference" (reviews confirm this) - the best option.Unlike many other means it does not leave the hair yellowish hue.Color after dyeing the hair is kept consistently 5-6 weeks and only after this period begins to fade.Manufacturers have taken care of creating tinting mousses and tonics that can tint regrowth and revive the color and brightness of the previously painted hair.

Choose your shade

whole palette of colors for hair "Loreal Preference" has a color scale, which marked the initial hair color and the color, which is obtained by staining.If you are coloring procedure will be carried out in the home, then carefully read the instructions for use.Remember that part of the funds include ammonia, so be sure to wear gloves during application and do not hold the vehicle on the hair longer than instructed not to provoke burns the scalp and not to spoil the hair.Apply the paint to the hair with an applicator, which is also included.Rinse time needed after staining with running water using a shampoo.To consolidate the results of staining is recommended to use the balm-color enhancers "L'Oreal Preference," which is also included in the package with paint.This balm creates a protective sheath around the hair, which mitigates the impact of the environment on the hair.

palette of colors for hair "Loreal Preference" will satisfy the most discerning beauties.Quality products - Excellent price - available, the choice of colors - are enormous.Choosing paint "L'Oreal Preference", you will be irresistible!

in this product include lavender extract, which reacts with the pigment helps to give your hair the perfect color.