Concealers - what it is and how to use them properly?

modern cosmetics in a single moment can give a person a fresh and rested appearance, make you more attractive and confident.The main thing - to know how all these tools properly applied.Among the variety of cosmetic novelties hard not to get confused and choose the right tool.For example, concealers - what it is and what they are for?

task concealer - remove skin imperfections.Align complexion, skin hydration, camouflage acne and other defects such as pigmentation, dark circles under the eyes, redness, wrinkles and scars - all this can concealers.That is not a drug that eliminates skin problems and their causes, all, of course, understandable.This decorative tool that will help hide carefully apparent shortcomings.

colors concealer

Colours concealers is varied, and the main thing here - not to be mistaken with a choice:

1. Yellow

Concealer that color helps conceal dark purple circles under his eyes.This problem occurs when the regular lack of sleep or fatigue.Yellow is able to make the skin

brighter and smoother.Especially the way would be a dull earthy concealer under your skin.

2. Orange

Blue-green areas and small vein near the eye concealer can help hide the orange.Skin cold tones such concealer give a warmer tint.

3. Pink

In adulthood, it is worth paying attention to the pink color concealers.It will help your skin look younger and fresher.It is also a means of hide brown skin tone around the eye area.

4. Green

If you have spider veins, acne, redness - choose green concealers.What does it mean?This color makes skin imperfections less noticeable.Over necessarily apply concealer foundation skin color.

5. Blue

Strong dark circles under the eyes will help mask the concealer with a blue pigment.It is also a great tool hides dark spots.

6. Purple

This concealer give the skin a yellowish hue healthy glow and refresh.

You already know what colors are concealers, it is a real magic wand - no doubt.Concealer will be indispensable in many situations.And now should know how to use concealer.

Useful tips and advice

  1. Before you use concealer, the skin must be qualitatively to clean and moisturize.

  2. for applying funds should buy a special brush.With the help of applied concealer, and shaded it with fingertips.

  3. In the area around the eye concealer is applied punctually, then the application area carefully shaded and slightly powder oneself.

  4. to mask acne concealer is applied only to them, after the vehicle slightly shaded, but do not rub.

  5. To hide the irregularities of the skin, suitable liquid concealer, it is applied to the desired site without rubbing and the top covered with a tonal foundation.

  6. For masking open wounds such means can not be used, it can lead to inflammation!

Knowing all about concealers - what is it, what are, what defects may hide how to use them properly - you can create a beautiful image, not worse than Hollywood actresses.