Painting "Loreal Ombre": reviews and features

It's no secret that even the most dull and unattractive hair after dyeing are bright, shiny and attract global attention to their owner.Hair coloring is now - is not only a way to get rid of gray hair, but the method for creating a unique image of a successful beauty.But it is sometimes difficult to understand the variety of means for coloring and choose for themselves exactly what you need.Fashion dictates the rules, and change not only the compositions of dyes and staining technique as a whole.Who would have thought that the regrowth of hair and bleached tips may be all the rage.It turns out that this is a new trend in the trendy coloring.At the beginning of his "example" world stars: Jessica Alba, Lily Aldridge, Salma Hayek and many others.Today it is fashionable to make painting possible and at home.And help us in this painting "L'Oreal Ombre 'reviews about which you can read in this article.

color palette

This tool is available in three versions, namely:

№1.For dark brown roots and light brow

n tips.

№2.For medium-brown roots, and light-brown tips.

№3.For light-brown color of the tips of the roots and blond.

Which version is right for you - a matter of taste.In any case, no matter what you choose, know that you will not go unnoticed after coloring agent such as dye "L'Oreal Ombre".Reviews of its shoppers say that the result of such a procedure - it is fashionable contrasting iridescent shades.

staining technique

in boxes of paint you will find detailed instructions on staining.Here I will briefly explain how to do it.So, we pull out the bottles with the chemical composition, mix them.All paint "Loreal Ombre" ready to use!Now comb your hair and divide them into two parts - so they are easier to paint.On the enclosed in a set of comb squeezing even layer of the prepared tools and begin to apply on the hair at the level of the ear lobe.Comb keep upright.Exposure time paints 25-45 minutes depending on the desired color intensity.

After time, as usual, wash the hair with shampoo and balm-rinse.Painting "Loreal Ombre", reviews of which mostly positive, is resistant.So it turns shades of hair darkened only a month and a half, and that provided daily shampooing.

Customer Reviews

Until recently dyed her hair Ombre technology could only be in the cabin.The first tool, letting you accomplish is to do it at home, the paint became "L'Oreal Preference Ombre".Reviews majority of women have experienced it say that this procedure is too much trouble they have not caused.Many of them are painted themselves without assistance.And thus, as they say, the result is wonderful, is not worse than the salon painting.However, some of them refer to the strong odor of ammonia.This is, most likely, with a large dose of coloring substances in the vehicle that the manufacturer has added to good effect.

thus paint "Loreal Ombre", reviews of which speak of its ease of use and high performance, it can replace the painting in the salon.Feel free to use this tool at home.