Bronzing 'Garnier': reviews of products and the rules for its use

the yard autumn, and we just want the summer!To shine the bright sun, all around was fresh and green, beach of fine sand with warm, warm gentle sea, and we are all so beautiful and tanned.And what now?Sun is small, tan coming soon, and we can only dream about next summer.And so you want to have a flexible tanned skin all year round!Of course, a solarium can be output in a given situation.But we all know that regular UV radiation is very harmful for the skin.It dries it, stripping natural moisture.As a result, the skin is aging rapidly, it is premature to appear "senile" spots, which greatly upsets every woman.Fortunately, there is a way out of this situation - you need to use a cream that gives a light bronze color.In this article I want to talk about like, which is called self-tanning "Garnier".Reviews of the products of this company are very good.Beauty means that it produces, we can safely trust.In addition, it is worth noting that the prices for the products of this huge cosmetic concern is very ac

ceptable for our dear buyers.

little about Garnier

First, I want to talk a little bit about the company Garnier, who was born in sunny Paris - the city of love and beauty - in 1904.Its owner was a barber and perfumer Alfred Amour Garnier - hence the name of the company.The first product that he released - hair lotion.It was a sensation in the world of beauty, because at that time people wash head soap.Shortly successful company bought one Gaston Roussel, and it became known as Laboratoires Garnier.The product range expanded rapidly: there were means to care for face, body and hair.

In 1936, there were a means to protect the skin from harmful solar radiation, - Ambre Solaire.Since then, many years have passed, and cosmetics "Garnier" reviews which were and remain mostly positive, has become one of the best in the world.Tools beauty of this company take care of our hair and skin, oral care, help us to always be beautiful and healthy.One of the means is in the range presented in the line of cosmetics for skin this company - tanning.

from tanning Garnier

Tanning "Garnier", which reviews the most part positive, is available in several forms: lotion, gel, spray and mousse.The spray is very easy to use, because it does not need to rub hands.But at the same time it is less economical.Gel and mousse better moisturize the skin smoother fall.Milk is used mainly for application to the skin of the body.

Before using tanning from "Garnier", reviews of which focus on the effectiveness of the means to clean and prepare the skin.To this end, it should be a good scrub and process steam.This is done in order to tan went smoothly.After the procedure, we put self-tanning face and body.After that, my hands with soap.Typically, such agents include moisturizing components already.Therefore, another application of a nutrient or moisturizer, usually not required.

Reviews shoppers

Most women have tried it means, agree that it was easy and convenient to use self-tanning "Garnier".Reviews about him say that after using this cream the skin becomes extremely soft, hydrated, becomes a beautiful natural tan.This is very important, as many other manufacturers give tanning too dark or unnatural hues.Shoppers "Garnier" noted that the result of using the cream begins to manifest itself on the 4th day.

Thus, self-tanning "Garnier", reviews of which indicate a high efficiency means not only gives the skin a bronze color, but also takes care of her, moisturizes and protects from harmful factors.