Mascara "Meybelin rocket."

Recently, the cosmetic market has a new mascara "Meybelin Rocket."Responses about it based on what the company promises an explosive increase of eight times, and the absence of lumps and impeccably smooth lashes.Take a look at the composition of cosmetic products.Formula carcass developed based gels instead waxes that allows to create a structure similar to the cream.It contains film-like substance is held dyes, not allowing them to crumble over time.

possible without the new exclusive brush, not many would have noticed mascara "Meybelin Rocket."Reviews have reported that it is a necessary complement protected by seven patents, made of special elastomers, and carries more than 350 bristles that perfectly capture the ink and distribute it to the cilia.The diameter of the brush exceeds a similar parameter from the other brands, which allows for a time to paint over the lashes, and then save on time applying makeup.This is especially true for those who are rushing to work in the morning.The development o

f an accessory from the company's specialists took about five years.

Mascara "Meybelin Rocket" refers to the average price range.It sells for about 350-360 rubles, while, for example, this type of cosmetics brand "Yves Saint Laurent" or "Helena Rubinstein" is worth one and a half thousand.What assessment

consumers got ink "Meybelin Rocket"?Reviews show that cosmetic received about one-tenth as much as four points out of a possible five.Almost all of the holders of the thin and light eyelashes note that they are carbon-black and volume after the first brush stroke.Experienced Girls impose agent in one layer for daytime makeup and two coats for evening meetings to provide extra volume.

Mascara "Meybelin Rocket Volyum" opinions about which is usually good, has a pleasant smell and is available in two versions - black and black waterproof.Last great cilia kept on for many hours, allowing some ladies successfully make transatlantic flights without updating the make-up.Rinse with ink must be special lotions.The obvious advantages of means women are easy application, no fingerprints on the eyelids and lumps.

Who else should buy ink "Meybelin rocket?"Feedback from those who wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes, speak in favor of this product for such categories of people.

What are the disadvantages and especially mascara notice those who bought it?The girls wrote that in comparison with other brands have an average product from the vial stopper set, so the mascara faster.In addition, some ladies there is no twisting, which could be due to the structure of the eyelashes.Complaints about the quality of the almost absent, but they are.Experts attribute them to the presence in the Russian market of a number of well-known cosmetic brand counterfeiting.