Painting «Olia» (Garnier): reviews, the operating principle

Many women dyed their hair to look bright, well-groomed and attractive.At the same time, they are constantly looking for new colors, such that it does not spoil their hair, but dyed a hundred percent.This circumstance inspired the experts of the company «Garnier» to create a completely new hair dye based on natural oils.

It is a paint «Olia» (Garnier), reviews of which have already appeared.What is the secret of this new tool?As with the help of oil can be colored hair?How long does a dye hair, and how it affects them?That's what I want to tell in his article.

as in conventional hair dye, ammonia acts?

Ammonia by staining operates as follows: creating an alkaline environment, it opens the hair scales protective and thereby promotes better penetration of the coloring substances in its structure.This detrimental effect on our tresses.As a result, they become dull and lifeless.After several such procedures can and lose some of its rich hair.

Many manufacturers add to their various oil paints.The

y serve mainly to care and protective functions.Experts Laboratory «Garnier» went even further - they decided to create the paint without ammonia, whose role it is to perform oil.The tool for painting «Olia» (Garnier), customer reviews which are mostly positive - the first cream of this kind.

How does the oil in the palette « O lia»?

Hair Dye Garnier «Olia» acts gently and carefully.In it, as we have said, the role of ammonia carry oil: oil argan tree, sunflower, olive and camellia.They deliver deep into the hair dye, facilitating its penetration.At the same time you get not only the brightness of the colors, but also an unusual soft and silky hair.It should also be noted that the result of coloring keeps up to 9 weeks.This is equivalent to the action of the counter paint.

color palette

Dye Garnier «Olia» consists of 25 shades.Among them, 8 colors - the colors of blond.For lovers of ultra-bright colors, there are two colors: red and glowing cherry red.Brunettes will also find the suitable tone colors in the line of the tool.

Customer Reviews

Many women find that the hair dye industry began breakthrough.And this breakthrough was realized in the creation of «Olia» (Garnier).Reviews of shoppers say that they succeeded in using this tool is excellent to dye your locks.At the same time, as many of them, the hair after dyeing are remarkably soft and docile, after the use of highly nutritious mask.After several such procedures are no longer locks reminiscent of the "tough faded straw", and, as usual, well-to style and shine.Also women customers note that the paint has a nice fruity flavor, and it makes the process of staining comfortable.

Thus, the new hair dye «Olia» (Garnier), reviews of which testify to the high effectiveness of this tool, really beautiful colors the hair without destroying them in the process.Gray coverage occurs at 100%.Women can safely trust this new product.