Walnut oil: beneficial properties and field of application

Vegetable oils are prized for their content of fatty acids and vitamins needed to maintain the excellent condition of all body systems.Each oil has a unique set of nutrients and flavor that makes delicious traditional dishes.

Walnut oil

useful properties of this product lies in the content of the optimal amount of vitamin E. It is necessary for the body to be healthy, and the skin is not lost youth and beauty.A product of a walnut, there are other no less useful vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.If you use oil in the period after suffering serious illnesses and operations, its effect on metabolic processes will contribute to the rapid recovery.

next interesting fact about the walnut oil: its beneficial properties are valued more than the properties of the nucleus.The fact that the nut is coated with the film and contains roughage.If you eat it in large quantities, it can adversely affect the functioning of organs such as the liver and pancreas.

not recommended to use it as when you cough, s

ore throat, allergic reactions, gastritis and ulcers.Oil is successfully consumed for heart disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, varicose veins.

noted good results and those who suffer from otitis and chronic colitis.The liver, kidney, thyroid and normalize their work if the diet regularly will attend walnut oil.Prepare a meal with him will not be difficult, because it's a great salad dressings, marinades and additive to sauces.Its refined fragrance will add a special flavor baking.Especially needed product people observe a fast and prefer vegetarian food.

Product use in the media for skin care

Walnut oil is used for the face to eliminate dryness and refresh it.It is showing it also for sensitive and irritated skin.Oil is used as a tool for the caregiver calloused areas (elbows, knees, heels).Fade and the elasticity of the skin devoid gratefully accept walnut oil.Useful properties of the product is that after the regular application of skin tone returns, improve the appearance of the face.

You can use it either alone or in mixtures with other oils and other ingredients care for the skin means.For intensive nutrition peanut butter should be used as a night cream.

To remove the redness and peeling, you can make a mask of pure product or add a peach, almond and olive oil.After half an hour of relaxation with a mask on the face skin will become even tone, feeling of tightness disappear.Remove the means to face possible, soaked it with a paper towel.

good food for the skin will also be composed as follows: jojoba oil, linseed, wheat germ and walnut oil.Beneficial properties of such a mixture is to maximize the amount of antioxidants that prevent aging and aging of skin, as well as a good consistency.Nut oil well dilutes thick vegetable oils, which makes them comfortable to use.