Exclusive spirits "Bruno Banani"

Company Bruno Banani was established recently, in 1993.Despite his relatively young age, products, including underwear, accessories and perfumes "Bruno Banani" are among the most popular brands in Europe.The slogan of this brand is the phrase "Not for everybody", which translated to English means "not for everyone".Agree, it really works.After all, many would feel exceptional, not the same as all have something truly unique.The main focus of the company is the development and manufacture of collections of underwear, but today we will devote an article perfumes of the brand.

Spirits "Bruno Banani"

Perfumes of this brand deserves special attention.Spirits "Bruno Banani" - this is truly striking, sexy, original compositions.Almost all of them have exclusive bottles with slightly curved silhouette - this is the hallmark of the brand.Many items from the collection of the perfume house has become a worldwide bestseller.Starting spirits "Bruno Banani" had the name Woman and intended for women.This fragra

nce has an excellent combination of versatility and delicate shades of lilies, orange and ivy, passion lily, freesia and peach tenderness.Perfume Woman by Bruno Banani in record time gained a huge number of fans all over the world, many of whom remain loyal to him until now.Today, with a rather fierce competition in the market for small luxury perfumes which brand can boast.

"Bruno Banani" - Men's Fragrances

very first in the men's perfume fragrance line brand became a perfume called "Bruno Banani Man."He was released in 2000 and quickly gained fame and love.This is not surprising, since the fresh flower arrangement charges the man with powerful energy, throwing into the abyss of passion and adventure.This is the classic fragrance in the collection of Bruno Banani, which, however, is not alien and modernity.This perfume is created for confident, strong and successful men.For those who feel like a real creator of your life.Basic men's fragrances from Bruno Banani - Made for Men, Basics for Men, Magic Man, Pure Man, and About Men.All these collections are created to mirror the female line of perfume.For example at Made for Men has a seductive confidante Made for Women.

Spirits "Bruno Banani" female

price of these luxury fragrance brand is quite high, but this does not stop them ardent fans.These fancy perfume for the beautiful half of humanity - the height of perfection, a true ode to femininity in all aspects of her nature: alluring and forbidding, untamed and passionate, deep and light.They look like splashes of champagne - the same mysterious and intoxicating.Take, for example, Pure Woman.This is a wonderful fragrance in the line of perfumes "Bruno Banani".With him you will always be in the center of man's enthusiastic views.Get ready to become a shining star and guiding light.In the crowd of other women you will not be lost.This is a true masterpiece for the one who is not afraid to be sexy.