It is useful in the home of cosmetology mezorollery?

These devices a few years ago have become part of the arsenal of cosmetologists and won wide popularity among women, happily replaced the injection mesotherapy with its intimidating syringes on a harmless roller with microscopic needles, which caused patients only redness and tingling.

How do mezorollery?Reviewed by a practicing cosmetologist: "All the Dermaroller ™ (second name devaysa) stimulate the human body production of collagen fibers that make up the skeleton of the skin, and elastin, which promote its turgor. When rolling the roller on the skin, as a result of perforation due to the large number (200,or even 500) microneedles formed microscopic channels, which serve as guides for the penetration of the active components and reducing agents. In addition, there is a mechanical stimulation of blood circulation, which speeds up to 400 times the absorption of anti-aging agents. "

What mezorollery cosmetic problems solved?

review of any of the experts can tell that these devices are effecti

ve in normalizing and toning the skin, in the regeneration of its cells;for the treatment of scars from operations, stretch marks (striae) after the birth and rapid weight loss;to lighten pigmentation and scars of destruction after getting rid of acne;for wrinkles, "crow's feet", the leveling of nasolabial folds, lift facial contours.Mezorollery refresh and rejuvenate not only the face, neck and chest area, giving the skin a well-groomed and healthy, but also to successfully cope with cellulite on problem areas of the body.

How to choose the Dermaroller ™ for home use?

varying degrees of penetration of biologically active substances is distinguished professional and personal mezorollery.Reviewed dermatologist who have several years and uses the other device tells that in the home Dermaroller ™ skin should be treated with a low degree of penetration, i.e. mikroigolochek length shall not exceed 1 mm.To face all the more necessary mezoroller with steel or titanium needles length of 0.2 - 0.5 mm.To get rid of cellulite, you can select the device with longer needles - 1.5 mm.Professionals to treat clinical conditions can pick up apparatus in which the microneedle reach 1.5 to 2.5 mm long!However, to experiment with the device, in which a high degree of penetration, it is not necessary, as they often show women with severe age-related changes, with deep scars and wrinkles, age-old stretch marks.

Tip: what to look for when buying?

about where to buy mezoroller and how to select it, says an independent expert: "The device can be purchased at any online store that sells products for health and beauty. However, we must remember that these devices come in different forms: with high-quality steelneedles with titanium, gold-plated. Also, the price mezorollera affect the duration of its use. For example, there are devices for 3-5 courses of treatment, for 20 procedures, and some models mezorollerov successfully operating for two years! "In addition, it is useful to ensure the safety of the accessory, which confirms the certificate FDA (Federal Agency for the Supervision of the quality of pharmaceuticals and food USA) or European - CE.

Deciding to buy mezoroller in Moscow or any other city in the country, it is necessary to take care of the acquisition of effective tools: elastinkollagenovyh complexes, "youth serum" based on hyaluronic acid, and others.Tips to use your normal cosmetics rejected by professionals as caring external agents can cause unpredictable reactions in the deep layers of the skin!In addition, you must purchase a disinfectant for devices such as mezorollery.Reviewed on these drugs warns that Dermaroller ™ - a device for personal use, so it must be immersed for 15-20 minutes in the "Chinese" vodka (75% alcohol), miramistin, chlorhexidine or other cold disinfectants.

Finally ...

Mezoroller - very convenient and effective apparatus.Its correct application helps to keep the beauty and youthfulness of the skin, stretch marks and get rid of cellulite, alopecia and hyperpigmentation.The novel with this wonderful device is able to turn back the clock for any woman!