Thermal water - a pledge of beauty of your skin

stuffy office, street dust, air, dried air conditioning and heating, chlorinated tap water - all this has an adverse effect on our skin.It becomes dull, there inflammation and early wrinkles.It helps improve the skin thermal water.This is a fairly new facility that is becoming increasingly popular.Most women appreciate the beneficial properties of this cosmetic product.

thermal water - it has healing properties of mineral water.Thermal water sources are almost at kilometer depths, which virtually eliminates getting into her various chemicals and waste.

The structure of many caring and cosmetics includes water hot springs, but it can also be used independently.Due to the unique natural composition - calcium, iron, iodine, potassium, sodium, magnesium, manganese - thermal water effectively restores moisture, accelerates cellular metabolism and nourishes the skin with valuable minerals.

Thermal water - a tool that is suitable for all skin types.For sensitive skin such water will be a real escape.It e

liminates irritation and redness, improves cellular metabolism, and normalizes the protective function of the skin.

In the line of many cosmetic companies present thermal water for the face.The price of this product is quite high, but the result justifies all costs.

The use of thermal water

Tap water has an adverse effect on the skin: May cause skin dryness and irritation.

use of thermal water after washing will help to eliminate skin irritation and prepare it for makeup application.

During the day, the skin loses a lot of moisture and acquires a dull appearance.Spray on the face a few sprays of thermal water, you can restore skin tone and a healthy glow.Makeup will not be harmed and will only fresh.

applied to the skin before applying the thermal water night cream will strengthen the means of regenerating effect.

thermal water could be one of the components of natural masks.It is possible to dilute a cosmetic clay with water - and restoring mask is ready.

After using a scrub or peeling thermal water will prevent irritation of the skin and saturate the beneficial trace elements.

use of thermal water during aromatherapy or thalassotherapy strengthen the effect of the procedure.

thermal water to perform all intended functions, you must buy it in specialized stores or pharmacies.It should give preference to products known brand, a good choice could be the thermal water "La Roche".

water from the thermal springs completely hypoallergenic and safe to be used not only adults but also children.It includes no parabens, fragrances and cosmetics.Regular use of this water returns healthy complexion, make skin more supple and radiant.Thermal water - a natural source of health and beauty of your skin.