Professional paint "Estelle Deluxe" (Palette)

Many hairdressers and their clients of loved paint "Estelle Deluxe", which is rich in its palette of shades.It is specially designed to create a stable and vibrant colors that will last unchanged for weeks.Can easily disguise gray hair and give your hair live shine.The palette should be divided into two parts: the shades of specialized and unprofessional.Because of the large number of options for better considered separately from each other.

great variety has paint "Estelle Deluxe", the palette it pleases with its bright and vibrant colors.It has about 190 different colors.In addition, Estel is one of the few brands, officially collaborating with training centers, which once again highlights its high quality.

Leo Ohotin is the CEO of the company.Before opening his own firm, he worked as a manager of an entrepreneur who invested money in the embodiment of different designs and earned on investments.One such project was the perfume and cosmetic factory.It is thanks to the talent of Leo Ohotina and hi

s colleagues, the plant was able to emerge from the crisis.Then he came up with the idea to create his own company for the production of cosmetic products.

idea distinguished by its simplicity, because Leo Ohotin intended only to develop and release a product of decent quality but at low prices.Although, of course, it is not an easy task.Gradually the plans become implemented and bear fruit, that has allowed the company to develop further.Over the years, much has changed color, "Estelle Deluxe".Palette initially consisted of only fifteen shades and today everyone will be able to choose for themselves the appropriate option.Especially hot products have received recognition from the experts and their clients.In 2005, Estel Professional palette consisted of only 67 colors, but a year later it expanded twice.

Many wonder what is the secret of success of the company, and the answer is actually very simple.The reason is that by Estel hair dye is designed for people who believe in themselves and love the variety in their lives, and this means that they are the main potential of the company.In addition, it is, of course, striving to become the best.The staff works with the founding of the company and practically did not change.Of course, it all started not so great, but the strong spirit of the company managed to survive the hard times of development and market entry.The reason is that people have been loyal to their cause, not to give up and believe in success.Today Estel is a solid company that has big plans and the geography distribution.

Positive and confident woman gives paint "Estelle Deluxe".The palette of shades of the diversity of life with bright moments of each client.Elastic and airy texture gives the hair an even color throughout.Today there are many different cosmetic companies that compete with each other, but few people can withstand this race for survival and boldly stepping forward.Estel Company are not afraid of rivals, because it firmly believes in the quality of its products.