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Zinc pyrithione is a complex compound of zinc, which is composed of three atoms of sulfur and two oxygen atoms.This colorless solid is used in dermatology to 30s.It has a pronounced antibacterial and fungicidal properties.Zinc pyrithione

widely used in the treatment of seborrhea and psoriasis, including hairy areas of the skin.It was first used in North America is to treat dandruff.He was a member of various medical shampoos and nonprescription.Its properties help in psoriasis learned quite by accident: it turned out that people suffering from this disease for a long time used their own funds, which include zinc pyrithione, and it helps them.This effect dermatologists interested in, and in the course of clinical studies revealed many interesting facts.For example, it turned out that the use of this material allows to get rid of psoriatic plaques in just a few days.And in the studies involved patients who underwent standard treatment had no effect.The researchers also found that after 2 days of the dr

ug in the plaque observed phenomenon of apoptosis.

mechanism of action of this compound is still not fully understood.According to one theory, the zinc pyrithione is blocks the proton pump in the cell membrane, so that it violated the transportation of substances necessary for life, and the cell dies.Today, this tool is most often used in the treatment of psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, shingles and dandruff.In various forms of dermatitis in children also use means "zinc pyrithione".Cream or spray applied to the affected area several times a day until complete recovery.It is also active against staphylococci and steptokokkov.

Zinc pyrithione is part of many anti-dandruff shampoos as well as drugs of various forms.This can be aerosols, creams, ointments and shampoos.The latter are used for the treatment of psoriasis on the head.One of the main advantages of the product - is that it is unlike the steroid hormones which are most often used in the treatment of psoriasis, is not addictive.

Today, at any pharmacy can buy the drug "zinc pyrithione".Price it usually depends on the manufacturer.Original medications will cost much more expensive than their counterparts.

drug is well tolerated, in rare cases, there are local allergic reactions such as skin irritation or dryness.Contraindications may be hypersensitivity to the active components of the preparation.In case of contact with eyes should be immediately rinsed with plenty of water, if swallowed substance inside you need to gastric lavage.Products containing zinc pyrithione, is not recommended for use in conjunction with local corticosteroids.