Eau de toilette "Eklat" - the key to your success

Many women called "Eklat" known in connection with the French brand "Lanvin", but they do not know that the company "Oriflame" also produces perfume under this name.Probably, these two flavors should be similar in many ways, as the name of the eau de toilette, which is translated from French as "success and shine," presupposes the existence of certain important features.This fragrance is to accompany the woman to the top of success and give her a sense of confidence.

What is the difference between eau de toilette "Eklat Lanvin" from his Swedish counterpart? To understand the difference between these flavors, let's look at each of them separately.

Eau de Toilette "Eklat" from the French company "Lanvin"

Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege is a classic feminine fragrance day.It is romantic and gentle.This eau de toilette was created by Karine Dubreuil, famous French perfumer, in 2003.It is designed for bright young women, as well as for the young, but confident girls who are all in this life comes easy.They used

to worship and always sure of his irresistibility.

This fragrance is elegant, transparent, and its delicate bouquet creates an aura of freshness, spring and romance.Eau de toilette "Eklat" from "Lanvin" brings happiness!This fragrance is a fruity-floral.The first notes belong in a bouquet of lilac, followed by lemon and wisteria, are also present notes of peach and green tea.And, of course, trail of amber and musk.

addition to the beautiful fragrance, eau de toilette "Eklat" has an elegant pink bottle design work.It depicts a mother and child.The authors are Alber Elbaz and Armand-Albert Retyu.Despite the sophistication, the price of this eau de toilette is quite democratic and accessible to every woman.

Eau de Toilette from "Oriflame"

As we have noted, in addition to the company "Lanvin" this fragrance is also produced, and the Swedish company "Oriflame".Eau de toilette "Eklat" this brand is the epitome of style and sophistication.It is suitable for women who appreciate the classics.

Of all the flavors, "Oriflame" This is probably the most popular.He, like the perfume of "Lanvin" refers to the flower.However, it also contains berry-fruit notes, namely, raspberry, black currant, apricot, citrus fruits.Among floral aromas can be felt violet, jasmine, iris.It also contains spicy scents: vanilla, musk, cedar and sandalwood.All this gives the woman a bouquet of confidence in his irresistibility, but, unlike his counterpart of the company "Lanvin", which has a color of playfulness, this fragrance dictates his mistress a certain restraint, which is unique to an elegant woman.

first thing that comes to our sense of smell when inhaled - the smell of currants mixed with citrus.That is, it turns a kind of sour-sweet flavor, but the next moment the sweetness disappears, to be replaced by a delicate jasmine come, and then no less delicate violet.Zephyr serves elegant musk perfume making a truly chic and elegant.The cost of the toilet water is lower than its French counterpart, but in terms of quality, it is not inferior to him.